Eric Lefkofsky Sets Sights on Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most prominent of innovators and entrepreneurs coming out of Chicago. Lefkofsky has worked in the tech field with a specialty in data aggregation for decades and now he is pushing those skills toward an important area of health care: cancer care and cancer research. Eric Lefkofsky is the man behind the newest company grabbing headlines in the healthcare field and his work with that company, Tempus, will be something that could fundamentally shift how health care providers approach cancer care.

Knowing that cancer care can be improved upon was almost the only impetus that Eric Lefkofsky needed in order to push his unique skills toward developing technological solutions for the field. Cancer care is notoriously unreliable between different care clinics and even health professionals. The reason? Healthcare providers don’t have proper access to the kind of life changing research that is going on throughout the country. The advent of Electronic Health Records, or EHRs for short, was supposed to change how these facilities shared information but it just didn’t happen. That is where Tempus comes into play and more

Tempus reached a valuation of nearly $700 million in 2017 after starting the company back in 2016. Lefkofsky, the CEO of the company, knows that the value in his company exceeds dollars and cents and is instead valued in terms of lives saved. Lefkofsky points out it simply, “In oncology, and across healthcare more broadly, datasets have historically been small and disorganized.” Lefkofsky goes on to point out that technology is opening up the pathways to sharing information faster and more efficiently than ever — and that is exactly what Tempus will be doing.

Tempus is essentially an operating system overlay that goes atop the data that healthcare providers are already working with. Tempus takes in that data, sorts it, and puts it into a database that can be accessed by healthcare patients and providers. Patients and providers will then have access to more information at the click of a button than they ever had before, thus allowing them to focus and tailor their treatment plans and routines.

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Eric Lefkofsky: Working Towards a Healthy Future

Eric Lefkofsky is a famous and renowned entrepreneur who recently founded Tempus. Tempus is a startup for cancer-fighting. Tempus specifically designed for medical practitioners and experts from the Chicago University to help others by searching better cure and treating breast cancer with advanced technology and methods.

Tempus, a Chicago-based company, recently announced a partnership with the Medicine department of Chicago University this Thursday to provide molecular analysis and sequencing to breast cancer specialists. This partnership is formed to make personalized plans for different patients according to their available funding, their priorities and what they want to do.

Experts at Tempus are working hard to properly analyze data before a huge number of the individual across the globe who are suffering from such life-threatening diseases so that they can learn the progress and to help researchers and doctors to uncover the patterns which can predict how the sick individual is going to respond to such treatment.

The goal for Tempus is that to provide a central database that everyone can use to save the time which would otherwise get wasted when a scientist is repeating the same experiment again and again from a different part of the world. Like if a scientist is doing experiments in America then he will update his finding on Tempus so that another scientist who is working on same cure can know that such process has already done and that was the finding so that he can skip repeating same procedure and proceed to next step. Click here to know more.

  1. OlufunmilayoOlopade once said to the media that although cancer of the breast is the diseases that millions of patients across the globe are suffering from it, there’s comparatively very little data available about those patients who’ve battled or still battling with that disease. And this was the reason of founding Tempus so that there would a centralized database would be available online so that anyone who wants can get access to it to collect the information that they need. That will not just help them to save time which otherwise gets wasted in the repetition of same procedures but also scientists to proceed toward the cure with more rapid pace.