Beneful Benefits Dogs With Anniversary of Dream Dog Park

For its 5th year anniversary of Beneful Dog Food’s Dream Dog Park contest the company has decided to celebrate by looking for ways to help those interested in enhancing the lives of man’s best friend. Beneful has learned a lot over the previous 4 years, and has helped make the dreams of some a reality. Now they are looking to spread that love even further, and give some lucky pups some new room to run and play. Starting in 2010 Beneful began choosing one grand prize winner each year and doing what was needed to help make the dreams of those who organized the creation and restoration of various dog parks around the nation a reality. Lucky dogs in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Georgia all have a park to play in because of the dog food company. Now in 2015 Beneful is looking for multiple ways to lend a hand to those who wish to make their furry companions lives a little bit better. The company is supporting crowdfunding campaigns, working with community leaders and fundraising groups, along with sharing the knowledge they have acquired over the last few years in order to make new parts and help restore old parks to newer conditions. Brent Gleckler, who is director of the Beneful brand, is excited to see the company able to expand its support of helping the dogs they already help nourish with their food. The project is already working to restore one St. Louis dog park with many new features and improvements. People can follow the progress that Beneful is making with various dog park projects through its facebook page or twitter account. To find out more about Beneful dog food and its Dream Dog Park program check out the release that was published on here.