Makies Toy Company Has a New Line of Dolls With Disabilities

Most dolls on the market are either white, Hispanic, or black. Whether you get a Barbie doll or baby dolls, the choices are limited. The dolls have blonde, red, black, and brown hair with blue or brown eyes. All the dolls are able-bodied. Earlier this year, some mothers of disabled girls ran a campaign on Facebook called Toys Like Me. These mothers want to let the toy companies know it’s time to create disabled dolls for disabled children because these children do not relate to the dolls that are already on the market. Minime has made over some Bratz dolls. There was one particular Bratz doll with blonde hair whose right leg was cut off and replaced with a pylon and has a Converse type of sneaker attached at the bottom.
Keith Mann says Makies was planning to create disabled dolls for quite some time. They have a create-your –own- doll that parents can design based on the disability of their own child. If the child is battling cancer, the doll can resemble a child in the hospital taking chemo. Some of Makies other dolls have facial birth marks, hearing aids, and walking canes. One doll looked like she was burned on the upper left side of her face, around her eye. Some dolls come with wheelchairs and walkers. A few dolls are visually disabled and come with their own guide dog.