Philanthropy Hero: How Betsy DeVos Has Changed Lives

Mel Trotter was living on the streets in Detroit all alone. She didn’t have basic supplies like food, water, or shelter. She didn’t have anyone to lean on. However, that all changed when Betsy DeVos got involved with philanthropy in Detroit. She gave funds and helped create programs with faith-based organizations there that assisted needy people with the basics including hot showers, clothing, shelter, social services, driver’s licenses, and getting jobs. Trotter was one of the success stories, as she was able to turn her life around by getting a job, getting an apartment, and doing it all in under 6 weeks. Betsy DeVos has a long track record of giving back in this sort of way. She was heavily involved in promoting Grand Action, which brought government leaders together with business icons in order to solve difficult problems in the inner cities of Michigan counties. She even donated $7.5 million of her own money to schools in order to help children succeed, who she feels so strongly about. Many former recipients of her scholarships and other forms of aid have gone on to become MBAs in business or start their own ventures. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

Betsy DeVos and her husband, mainly through their organizations, have given over $1 billion. They gave about $90 million away in one year recently to various causes such as education, faith, health and community services, and even the arts. This is very encouraging coming from our current Secretary of Education. In this day and age, it seems almost impossible to find someone in public office that is actually willing to put their money where their mouth is and donate in true way. Betsy always talks about how much she cares about parents having choices about where to send their kids and that we shouldn’t have to be limited to which zip codes we live in. I agree.

She has been crusading for children and education and other philanthropic actions for 30 years now. Ever since she attended college, she has been heavily involved in politics and making sure people have as many rights as the next person, even if they are from a part of town that doesn’t have as much money. Organizations that she has founded, led, or been a part of include Children First America, American Education Reform Council, Kids First, Education Freedom Fund, Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, DeVos Institute for Arts Management, Educational Choice Movement, and Alliance for School Choice. Betsy Devos track record is a never-ending list of support for important causes. In this day and age, public education is failing us. But I’m excited to have someone in the cabinet who is actually willing to change education for the better and has a history of doing it. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Wessex Journals Publish Bright New Concepts

Wessex Institute of Technology in England, is considered a very scholarly place that is involved with the exchange of knowledge that strongly affects a wide range of industries in the scientific community. This exchange of information is released, though various methods that include scientific research to publishing. Wessex Institute of Technology attracts an international crowd to their campus that are filled with bright new concepts about the world around them. They work diligently together on their findings and wish to share them with the world through various methods that also include publishing their new concepts and ideas in journals.

Wessex Journals

The Wessex journals are published by the WIT press. The publishing house is vital in the distribution of the information to an international community. The fact is that the institute has an ever expanding range of connections and networks around the world that look forward to reading the vital information that is contained within the journals. All the journals are cataloged onsite and available for immediate download in a digital format. The journals are also provided in a print format. The Wessex Institute of Technology remains focused on providing the most relevant and up to date information in the journals produced by the WIT press.



Dick And Betsy DeVos Demonstrate Their Kindness

Dick and Betsy DeVos have lived a prosperous and successful life together. They have raised a family as well. One of the advantages they had was that they could choose what school their children went to. Therefore, they did not have to worry about any community related issues. They have opted to have their children enrolled in Potter’s House Christian School. However, they have begun to notice other families that have smaller income that are making huge sacrifices to make sure their children are safe. Betsy DeVos was moved that she has the luxury of choosing the school that other families can go to. Therefore, she has decided that other families have that right. This is what got her started on the path to funding alternative educational opportunities.

Dick himself has run for State Board of Education in order to address the issue of education in low income communities. The whole goal was to give the parents a choice in where their children would go to school. Other initiatives that she is involved in include working in the Republican party in order to improve different circumstances in low income communities. I think Betsy is very effective in providing options for children.

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I see many acts of philanthropy that get involved in giving hand outs. However, I believe that the best type of help that people can get is opportunities. If people were just given things, then they may not be able to support themselves. With Betsy DeVos, people are going to more easily find opportunities because she tackles the issue at the root which is education. She is doing everything she can to help the teachers engage the students so that they will be encouraged to perform at a very high level.

With Betsy, students are going to go very far. They will get high quality education and will also get some encouragement to pursue higher goals. The important object of education is to prepare children for their adult lives. They will learn skills that are applicable to their careers. Dick and Betsy both love to make sure that many children are able to find the successful career that they want. Visit their website:

The Kabbalah Center Leads A New Approach To Religion

Religious teachings have always been something many people have struggled to follow in a successful way over the course of their lives as many people are scared of being forced to alter their religious beliefs to find a new way of living. Kabbalah is a religious teaching that no longer requires the individual to change their religion as they look for the essence of God in the world around them, instead of looking for a personal relationship with a God that has a physical form.

The Kabbalah Center has a history dating back to 1965 when the initial form of the group was Philip Berg, who initially founded The National Research Institute of Kabbalah in the U.S. Further centers had been in existence in the U.S. since the 1920s before success was eventually founded in 1984 by Philip Berg with the aid of his wife Karen. Initial centers were opened in New York and Los Angeles before a global program saw The Kabbalah Center spread its reach across the globe.

There are many different aspects of the teachings of The Kabbalah Center that differ from the original teachings that date back to ancient times and made Kabbalah one of the most complex aspects of Judaism to study. A major difference is the fact The Kabbalah Center does not require individuals to learn Hebrew before taking on the study of this form of esoteric teaching. Many followers of the Kabbalah Center believe in the teaching of all major global religions being branches of a larger universal belief system that can be understood by all followers of any religion.

The opening of Kabbalah to all members of society came after a prolonged period of growth in interest of the teachings, which reduced the strict rules the majority of Rabbi’s had for teaching Kabbalah from the dawn of its earliest teachings. There are four levels of teachings individuals can pass through as they move towards a greater understanding of the ancient writings that form the basis of this impressive religious scripture.

Dynamic Search Partners Raises Funds For Uncommon Schools

The Uncommon Schools of New York just received a generous endowment thanks to businessman and CEO Keith Mann. A fundraiser held at the Plaza Hotel Beer Garden by Dynamic Search Partners helped raise $22,000. The funds will go towards the testing needs of students.

Mann has a long history with Uncommon Schools. The inner city charter schools were opened to help children of low income families attend college. Each year, thousands of children are looking to go to college but lack the funding. “We are committed to helping these kids enter four year colleges and pay for the necessities,” said Keith Mann.

The newest Uncommon charter school is opening for the 2016-2017 school year. Funds are badly needed to help students take the SAT and PSAT tests, which is a requirement for college entrance. Aside from the money raised, Dynamic Search Partners has also donated other funds to the school.

Mann’s relationship with the schools date back to 2013. Dynamic Search Partners has developed a platform to help children reach their full potential and achieve success that goes well beyond college.

Mann says working with Uncommon Schools has been a very good thing for him. He is excited by how the children are excelling and the positive affect it’s had on their lives. He has gone on several tours and sat in on class instruction.

Mann created Dynamic Search Partners in 2002. The former hedge fund manager said that he felt that there was a need to find highly-dedicated professionals to staff financial agencies around the world.

With such an executive search firm, corporations don’t have to worry about the ever-changing dynamics within the financial industry. Clients are thoroughly vetted, only the best of the best are chosen.

Dynamic Search Partners places about 200 people every year. His company has offices in The United States, Europe and Asia.