Keith Man and Dynamics Search Partners Raise $22 Million to Help Uncommon Schools

In 2015, Keith Mann joined up with Dynamic Search Partners to raise over $22,000 for New York’s Uncommon Schools. The purpose of the funds was to sponsor student testing at the new high school.


Uncommon Schools is an educational facility opened by a series of charter schools in the city. The purpose was to close the achievement gap between students from wealthy families, and low-income families.


The concept of Uncommon Schools was developed in 2013. The goal is to provide interested children from low-income families the same education obtained by children from wealthy families who can afford charter schools.


Keith Mann has taken time out of his schedule to personally tour the schools, speak with students, and even counsel seniors who are near graduation. He also lectured on college options, internships, and future careers.


Keith Mann

Keith Mann has been working in the field of executive hedge funds for over 15 years, He was a previous managing director at Dynamics Executive Search. He has also launched an Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search in 2002.


In 2006, he expanded his practice into the private equity. In 2009, he established Dynamics Search Partners. Currently, Keith Mann is the CEO of DSP and is tasked with the day to day operations of the firm and has dedicated himself exclusively to alternative investment firms.


Mann’s main goals are to advise clients in hiring personnel, financial investing, business internal strategy, and building the financial means they need to run existing teams.


Now DPS focuses themselves in the alternative investment industry in countries like the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company fills more than 200 mandates each year.