Need a Gift Idea for Father’s Day?

Dad has worked hard this year, and it’s only fitting that on Father’s Day he receives a special token of your love and appreciation. He’s been looking forward to it for a year, so here are 10 ways that you can show the Dad in your life how much you care.

1. Dads wear out some shoes. Get him a brand new pair of flip flops for those moments when he feels the beach comin’ on.
2. While he’s not looking, clear your shows out of the DVR; he’s got smooth sailing!
3. What’s his favorite treat? Chocolate chip cookies? Fill the glove box with a special stash just for him.
4. Leave the seat up. Love knows no bounds.
5. Set up his chair and beverage in his favorite lounge – the backyard.
6. Hand over the planner and let him fill in the weekend; he can postpone whatever he wants, do whatever he wants or just do nothing.
7. Take him out for a burger, fries, Coke and milkshake – his favorite four-course meal. Shoes and Shirt not required!
8. Have the kids clean out his car and leave a bag of his favorite candy on the seat.
9. Ties are always good.
10. Or simply attack him as he walks through the door. Dads are always prepared for a good rumble.

Thanks to Igor Cornelsen for the advice.