Randal Nardone: An Impeccable Leadership Journey

Randal Nardone is a co-founder with two other partners for Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the chief executive officer and director of the company. He is gladly connected to around eight organizations in 20 different industries. Randal co-founded the company in 1998 that continues to grow in his leadership and other partners. Since 2013, Randal Nardone has worked as the chief executive officer and in 1998; he assumed the seat of a principal of the Fortress Credit Corporation. Randal is the able president of Ncs 1 LLC. He also stands in to serve as the chair and president of Springleaf Holdings LLC. His service is extended to Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC where he is the secretary and vice president. Being a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group has been an exciting journey for him and the other partners. The headquarters of the firm is in New York in the United States.

His leadership ladder is quite a wide and exciting one. He has been an all-time principal and director of the Fortress Credit Corporation. Mr. Randal was as well the president and chair of Springleaf Financial Holdings LLC. The great company enjoys the service of this great leader since 2006 as the director, principal, and co-founder. In the same year, Randal was elected to the office of being a director for Eurocastle Investment limited where he still serves. Following ear in 207, Randal was given the title of a non-executive director at Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd. In the year 2008, more responsibilities were added to him serving as the director of Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation where he still gives direction. In 2010, the Springleaf Finance Inc.

saw his excellent work, he was given the post of director, and he continues to show his unique skills and expertise in there. Mr. Randal is the current director of Springleaf REIT Inc. since 2011. His profile reads excellent leadership posts which equally suggests that he is a man with a vision. He serves in many board settings, and he continues to earn respect in his career and profession.Randal Nardone went to the University of Connecticut where he earned a BA. He proceeded to Boston University School of Law where he acquired an honor in Juris Doctorate. Randal Nardone is affiliated to several organizations either directly or by association. In all these, he shows his commitment and dedication to excellence and success. Mr. Randal was named a billionaire in 2007 as part of the famous Fortress Five.

Greg Secker-Master of all trades.

Greg Secker is an English man who wears many hats that range from being a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, an international speaker as well as a master trader. Born in the year 1975, Greg has come a long way to get to where he is, and he takes pride in his achievements.

In 2003, Greg Secker created the Knowledge to Action group. This company has since grown to have an international presence, having offices in Sydney, Manila, London, and Johannesburg.

The Knowledge to Action group consists of some companies: Learn to Trade, Smart Charts Software, and Capital Index and FX capital. In addition to owning these businesses, Greg has set up the Greg Secker Foundation which aims at helping people across the world.


Greg Secker started out his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services before embarking on running Virtual Trading Desk. Virtual Trading Desk enabled people to make trades in real time. With time, his career grew to a point where he was appointed Vice Chair of Mellon Financial Corporation. Working in the corporation helped him develop his trading skills which helped him start up his own company; Learn To Trade.

Learn To trade has gained recognition and won awards, being the best educator according to financial magazines. Greg Secker used this company as a stepping stone which helped him launch other successful businesses such as FX capital.

Motivational speaking

Greg Secker makes a point to share his knowledge with the rest of the world by appearing on market channels such as Bloomberg. Through the discussion of topics such as entrepreneurship and health on such platforms, he has impacted the society positively by giving inspiration to budding entrepreneurs.

The birth of Learn to Trade

Having worked in the foreign exchange department of a large bank, Greg experienced boredom due to the routine nature of the job. When he moved back to the United Kingdom, he was able to focus on his trading more, and an idea occurred to him that he could teach people how to trade. Thus, Learn to Trade came to life.


Greg Secker takes time to think about his business. This allows him to come up with new ideas. It enables him to see where he has veered off track and get back right on top of things. If he were to start over, he would take time to enjoy the process rather than rush to the end.

The philanthropist recommends reading books as a way to open up the mind to new ideas.