Charity work of Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the founder of the Custom Cares Company, Inc. that was established in the year 1986. The Company mainly deals with offering transport and logistics services to individuals within and outside the boundaries of America. As a result of quality services the company offers it has attracted many clients leading to the opening of offices and agents across the cities within the country. Besides Perry being an investor he is also a philanthropist. His charity activities have significantly touched the lives of millions of the needy within the community. Throughout his career, he has invested his resources in charitable organizations and events that aim at improving the living standards of the needy people.

According to the information in public domain, Perry has spent millions of dollars in financing charitable programs such as helping the youth of Chicago, curing, and prevention of cancer as well as senior citizens in society. As a result of his determination in addressing the needs of less privileged in the society, he serves as a Board member in numerous foundations such as The Walter and Connie Foundation, The Jesse White Tumblers among others. Despite being a member of the board in the above foundation, he still contributes to other like-minded organizations. For instance, through the organization, Mandera purchased more than 6500 coats to the impoverished children during the winter to enable them to survive the cold season. Residents from the poor neighborhood have not been left behind since he has provided them with transport to run their daily errands with ease. During the recent disaster of the tornado that devastated the residents of Washington, Illinois, under the leadership of Perry, The Custom Cares Company offered transportation and supplies to all the affected individuals. In the year 2005 when the Hurricane Katrina struck and led to massive loss of lives and properties, The Custom Cares Company responded by ensuring all the victims were fed and transported to safer ground. Mr. Mandera is considered as the disaster responder by the local people since he has a habit of helping those individuals who are in trouble such as the California Wildfires. The compassionate level towards helping the needy in the society is immeasurable

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