Court Dismisses Neglect Charges Against Free-Range Parents

A Maryland couple who are utilizing “free-range parenting” tactics to raise their two children have been cleared of neglected charges, according to official court documents.

The couple, Danielle and Alexander Maitev became the focus of “free-range parenting” debates across the web last year when they were arrested and charged with neglect. The arrests stemmed from an incident in which a neighbor called police when the couple’s two children, Rafi, 10 and Dvora, 6, were seen walking through the neighborhood unattended.

Police responded to the call and picked up the children. Child Protective Services were involved in the call, as well.

The pair were once again hit with neglect charges when police once again found the children walking the streets without a parent present. Both cases have officially been dismissed, but Brian Reifler indicates that there is no word on whether the family will continue to allow the children freedom to walk to and from a local park.

The incident has sparked debate on when it is okay to allow a child to walk alone outside. Many argue that at 10, Rafi, is more than capable of walking to and from locals that are within a reasonable distance. It is also argued that he can be responsible for his six-year-old sister at his age.