Squaw Valley Ski is an amazing place to vacation


It is no wonder that beautiful lake Tahoe sees more than 600,000 visitors a year.
Lake Tahoe was recently voted America’s “Best Lake” in 2012 by USA Today. And those that vacation there know why. The mountain views of Olympic valley are unsurpassed both winter and summer in their breathtaking splendor. Squaw Valley was officially named a California Historical Landmark in 1960 during the Olympic Games that were held there that year. Squaw Valley Resort was modeled after the best in European ski destinations, with the choicest of European décor, and only the coolest of American entertainment. Squaw valley has a great swimming pool, ice rink, roller disco, and only the best restaurants for fine dining. Whether you are looking for a choice steak for dinner, or a pizza for the kids, Squaw Valley is sure to please. All located right there on the mountain. Squaw valley has everything your heart could desire for recreation and fun for your entire family. The skiing is beyond compare, but it does not stop there. My family ventures to Squaw Valley at least two times a year. My husband and I love the wine tastings and Jazzfest in the summer months. My kids love Mountain Adventure camp, where they have top instructors teaching environmental awareness programs, art workshops, and kids adventure camps.

It is good to know that the new CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth is a man capable and up to the task of preserving Squaw Valley as one of the top winter tourist destinations in the world. His past experience as a park ranger for our national forests leads me to really believe he will have the environments best interest at heart when making the tough decisions necessary to build and grow Squaw Valley’s future. He has already within the course of only one year put Squaw Valley in the top 20 percent of the skiing industry. That is no small task. I cannot wait to see what this great man has in store for the future of Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe business.