Wen by Chaz Transforms Hair in a Week


WEN by Chaz has received thousands of glowing reviews and testimonials from users who swear by the seemingly magical powers of this cleansing conditioner hair product. To put all of the rave reviews to the ultimate test, an editor for Bustle committed to using the product for seven days and shred her results with readers in a recent article. From her reviews, it is clear that when Wen by Chaz is used regularly, the results are stunning. It lives up to the high quality its loyal customers literally gush about in online reviews on wikipedia and testimonials.

What makes Wen by Chaz different from the average shampoo is that it combines the hydrating effects of conditioner with its cleansing shampoo. In fact, WEN is actually a five-for-one deal when it comes to shampoos and has the same effects as a detangler and deep conditioner. The benefit of this, besides being a major time saver in your morning beauty routine, is that you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for a complete hair care package. This makes Wen by Chaz an even more appealing cleansing conditioner to try.

Unlike many average shampoos on the Amazon.com website, your hair actually gets healthier the more times and the more regularly you use Wen by Chaz. This is partly because Wen by Chaz does not use any sulfates in its patented formula, which damage and weigh down your hair over time. Also, even though you may need to use more ounces of Wen by Chaz for each time you wash your hair compared to other products, it doesn’t weigh it down or make it seem over processed. If you are looking to add some life back to your hair, give Wen by Chaz a try.