Amicus Therapeutics, the Hope To The Rare Disease Community

Watching your loved ones suffer from a rare disease that cannot be handled in many medical facilities is very frustrating. For those reasons, the biotechnology company Amicus Therapeutics comes in just in time to put a smile on the faces of the rare disease community. Amicus Therapeutics is a global biotechnology company. It uses cellular and bimolecular processes to come up with great technologies and products meant to make lives better but at the same time keep the planet healthy as well.

Biotechnology has been applied in many aspects and yielded great benefits. Agricultural biotechnology, for example, has seen farmers boost their yields in addition to protecting their crops from pests and diseases. Application of modern biotechnology is not only beneficial in developing products for medicinal value but also feeds the hungry, conserves the environment among other positive aspects. Learn more about job offerings of Amicus Therapeutics at Indeed.

At Amicus Therapeutics, the interest and needs of patients with rare diseases is the driving force behind their inventive science, clinical programs, and commercial organization. The company has invested in a unique set of platform technologies and medicines that makes it stand out when it comes to handling rare diseases. The primary aim of this biotechnology company is to make the life of patients and caregivers of patients with rare diseases better. They specialize in conditions like Lysosomal Storage Disorders Fabry disease and Pompe disease. They also deal with the genetic skin disorder by the name Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Know more about Amicus Therapeutics on

Taking Fabry disease, for example, the company is in its final stages of developing a product by the name migalastat for treatment. This unique and powerful product is meant to treat the disease on the basis of genetic diagnosis. They are also in the late stages of developing a treatment for the rare genetic connective tissue disorder Epidermolysis which they intend to bring to the market once its ready. Amicus Therapeutics is using its technology platforms as well to develop novel enzyme replacement therapy products for Pompe, Fabry, and Lysosomal Storage Disorders.

Amicus Therapeutics has given many patients a new hope with many testifying of meaningful benefits. They are in the process of developing more treatments to make the life of the rare disease community bearable.