Thor Halvorssen’s Influence in Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is deeply engaged in the fight for global human rights. His deep engagement has land him in the midst of quite a few international fights. This shows that he is actually doing his job and is getting involved in the actual fight for more human rights, especially in the countries and territories where humans are not treated equally. Among the countries that Thor Halvorssen is targeting with his activism is North Korea. The Kim Dynasty has proven to be very tyrannical in its rule, especially with the defectors speaking out on the regime and all of the problems that it has caused for the civilians.

Thor Halvorssen has created the Human Rights Foundation which is located in New York. Since he has made a lot of efforts in his fight for human rights,he has become the new face of human rights. He is also someone who is fighting against the common stereotypes of human rights activists. Thor Halvorssen shows a lot of intensity and energy in his fight for the rights of others. He is actually reminiscent of the days when people stood up against the Soviet Union. Thor Halvorssen has met with celebrities like Christian Bale, who he admires. He puts a lot of importance on this relationship. He sees that as a card up his sleeve as long as he maintains the relationship that he has formed with Bale.
One trait about Halvorssen that could work very well is his marketing skills. He has a lot of skills in persuasion in order to get his point across to people. Among the things that he has achieved included not allowing unenthusiastic financial backers walk away displeased. The organization that Halvorssen was meeting with has been very rude to him about the idea that he has pitched for the Human Rights Foundation. Thor has shown that he has an ability to roll with the punches and not let insults get him down. After all, he is in the fight for human rights. He himself has been made into a punching bag for the cause, and he is willing to bounce back for more.

All you Need to Know about HRF Leader, Thor Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen is a successful lawyer and the president of an international organization known as the Human Rights Foundation. The international organization is headquartered in New York, and its primary objective is to protect human life all over the world. Thor is currently thirty-nine years old, and he has achieved a lot in his career. He launched HRF in 2005, and he has helped many individuals get freedom in different parts of the world.

Halvorssen was born and brought up in a place known as Caracas. He is half Venezuelan and half Norwegian. Both is parents are descendants of heads of state. One of his grandfathers was serving as a king’s consul during the Second World War. His mother was a descendant of Cristobal Mendoza, the first president of Venezuela.

The New York has a lot of knowledge in human rights, and most of the individuals who know him say that this knowledge is not theoretical. Several years ago, Thor’s father was tortured and mistreated in one prison found in Caracas. This is because he exposed some corruption in government when he was working as a drug czar.

Leopoldo L√≥pez, one of his first cousins, was a strong challenger of the Chavista regime. This system did not come to an end, even when its leader passed away. Up to date, Leopoldo is a political prisoner, and he is held in a Venezuelan jail. However, Thor has decided to be different from other human rights activists, who play the sad sack. Whenever he is making a speech, he doesn’t emit any bitter words or show weariness. He doesn’t pretend like most of his colleagues who claim to love humanity but hate the people.

Thor has proved that he loves human beings. Most of the people he loves most are defectors and dissidents, the few freedom troublemakers who always blow the whistle on authoritarians and at the same time stand against the tyranny. Most of the people he appoints to serve in the Human Rights Foundation are individuals who have worked to change the society. Under his leadership, the international organization has helped many people from all parts of the globe. for more .


Film And Activism Combine For Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen may be best known as the public face of the Human Rights Foundation and Oslo Freedom Forum, both of which he established in the first part of the 21st century, but he has also carved out a successful career as a film producer. The Venezuelan born film producer has often looked to combine these two great passions in his life to create a success in both areas, including his creation of a number of documentaries that have explained how citizens fought back against the tyrannical rule of communism.

In terms of the activism Thor Halvorssen has taken part in he has looked to bring a new level of success to the community based on his decision to look away from North American and European issues that are important to other groups. Thor Halvorssen has made sure his activism work is filled with high profile discussions and work with news channels that may not always be seen as the usual home to such a successful activist. The world leaders Thor Halvorssen has worked to reveal as major abusers of the human rights of their citizens include Russian President Vladimir Putin; much of the work Thor has completed in Russia relates to the appointment of political dissident Gary Kasparov as President of the Human Rights Foundation and the support given to activists “Pussy Riot”.

FtgorAs a philanthropist Thor Halvorssen is always looking for ways of bringing the next generation of human rights activists into the community through educational programs. Halvorssen has headed or been the patron to groups like The Children’s Peace Movement that looks to create communication links between young people trapped in conflict filled environments and those in the traditionally secure areas of northern Europe. Making sure the latest issues in the human rights community remain part of the conversation for people around the world has led to Thor developing The Motion Picture Institute, which works to bring documentaries relating to human rights issues to the screen through financial funding and creative support.