A Company With A Conscience

Finding new and inventive ways to meet the demands of a growing and ever changing market is what is required to survive in the business world. This is what Eucatex has been doing since it first opened its doors in 1951. They have used materials that have been otherwise overlooked by an industry and have carved for themselves a niche in a demanding market.

Eucalyptus is what they use to produce linings and insulation. Not your normal source of wood but this venue has proven to be quite lucrative for them to the point where they have been able to add products to their line. As demand has presented the need, Eucatex has expanded not only from insulation and linings but also into exterior doors, toys, packaging, cars and even plates. They have also recently moved into offering a line of paints.

Eucatex has been run by their parent company, the Maluf family. Presently at the helm of the company id Flavio Maluf. Educated as an mechanical engineer, he has been able to offer new ways of getting things done that are more efficient and cost saving. Flavio takes corporate responsibility seriously too.

The company has 44 hectares of forest that they run and harvest in the state of San Paulo. This allows them to continuously regrow what they harvest and assure the company has a never ending supply of eucalyptus wood for their products. This move was a first for companies in this region of the world.

The company has not ignored their responsibility to maintain their land holdings either. They have dedicated a whole sector of the business to a Forestry Unit. This unit goes about renting out more land for the company to grow eucalyptus as well as make sure that there is always a new crop of trees put down for the next year’s needs.

This attitude of making the raw material for themselves as well as maintaining forest growth has earned them the recognition of best practices of sustainable development. They also possess a number of International Certificates as well as being awarded the Green Seal by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Under the leadership of Flavio Maluf, Eucatex is also the first company of their kind to institute and implement the first wood recycling line. This furthers their concern over maintaining the environment for future generations. This also allows for greater profits to be realized through re-using wood products for the generation of new products.