Securus Technologies – Providing Cutting-Edge Technologies to Law Enforcement Agencies

The field of inmate communications is one of the fastest emerging industries, and while there are many companies out there that are trying to take the lead; Securus Technologies has emerged as a leader in the field of inmate communications and prison technology. There are many different types of services offered by Securus Technologies such as money transfer services, video services, video visitation, phone services, kiosks, government information management solutions, parolee tracking, calling cards, and more. Such services alleviate the stress from the lives of inmates to a great extent and make it easier for them to survive in an isolated environment inside the prison. It also helps in reducing the inmate-on-inmate and prison related crimes.


Securus Technologies is dedicated to modernizing and revolutionizing the incarceration experience through its comprehensive range of services. Moreover, the company also focuses on providing attentive and responsive customer service and has a separate department to take care of all the queries made by potential and existing customers. It helps the company to keep the customers happy and satisfied. The commitment of the company towards its clients can be seen in the fact that the firm was awarded the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service globally. At present, the company’s services reach out to over a million inmates and over 2,600 correctional facilities. The company’s workforce has over a thousand employees.


Securus Technologies shared the appreciation it receives from the law enforcement officers through the letters in a press release recently. In the letters sent by the law enforcement officers, they have mentioned how the company’s services make it easier to catch the culprits and gather the evidence necessary to convict the miscreants in the court of law. I feel that the Securus Technologies is doing a great job in keeping the prison and communities safe by building futuristic technology in the field it serves.


Video Messaging Services with Securus

For anyone who has a loved one or friend in the prison system, you will know how difficult it can be to keep in touch with this individual. I had a friend who had gone to prison several years ago and we had lost touch with each other because it was too difficult for me to visit the prison where they were located. This truly put a damper on our friendship and it cost me to realize that there had to be a better option out there for us. This is when I discovered the amazing power of Securus and their technology for prison communication.


Securus enables you to have video messaging services with a loved one in prison and this can totally transform the way you view communication with this type of individual. You can actually see this person face-to-face without having to be there personally and it can also save you a lot of money on gas because you do not have to worry about making that lengthy trip to the prison that is nowhere near to your home. This saves me a lot of money when I was making trips to prison and simply switched to using Securus.


Another wonderful thing about Securus is that it has one of a righty of certifications and awards with the Prison Communication industry. This allows you to feel confident knowing that you are using the service that truly makes a difference in the lives of so many people and that it can be exactly what you need if you have to get better communication with a loved one as well. It is an easy and quick technology to figure out on your own and it does not create any problems for many people who happen to be using it at the current moment to keep in touch with their loved ones.


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