Christopher Linkas: Encouraging Young People To Begin Investing Early

Investment expert Christopher Linkas thinks its important for young people to begin investing at an early age. He points out that young investors have many advantages over people who become involved in investing later in life. Some of the reasons Christopher Linkas gives for young people to start investing as early as possible include:


  1. Recovering Over Time


When people begin investing while they’re young, whether they invest in low, medium or high risk stocks they have time to recover from money lost due to the volatility of the market and grow their wealth.

  1. Letting Their Money Work


By investing early young people can earn interest and let it grow in value and generate compound interest over a long period of time. This allows them to build a large nest egg for retirement.

  1. Changing Spending Habits


Young people who learn to invest regularly and live within a budget rather than impulsively spend their money can attain their financial goals and have the money they need to become entrepreneurs should they so desire.

  1. Gaining An Edge


By beginning to invest early, young people can improve their decision-making, begin making profits that will put them ahead of their peers financially and be able to afford larger purchases like homes later in life.

  1. Improved Quality Of Life


By investing early, young people improve their changes of enjoying a better quality of life. This will allow them to be able to take advantage of more opportunities that come their way and have the financial foundation to pursue activities that they enjoy. Christopher Linkas can provide young people with a variety of tools and share insights and strategies that can lead to strong returns and help them amass a fortune over time.


Many companies seek out Christopher Linkas for investment advice. The Bowdoin College graduate has worked as a financial analyst and vice president at RER Financial Group, an Associate with AEW and with Goldman Sachs as a vice president. Christopher Linkas currently works with a major investment group based in the UK. He is also a wealthy and successful investor.

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This Stansberry Research Author Believes Warren Buffet’s Firm May Be About To Go The Wrong Way

Few people have ever dared to question investment decisions that one of America’s top investors has made over the years, but Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Research says Warren Buffet appears headed down the wrong track with two companies Berkshire Hathaway owns. Buffet first made it big by buying the shares of the National Indemnity insurance company and started using the profits from its “float” to invest in other companies. The way Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway gained profits was making profitable but low-risk safe stock investments and buying companies that weren’t expensive and knew how to manage their capital assets well. But over the years this started to change.


Stansberry noted first how Buffet started moving more of his portfolio into banking and other high-capital companies like GM and Delta Airlines. Even his regular stocks in the IT company Apple are not performing like they used to. But the most damning investments have been in Berkshire Hathaway Energy and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad company. These two companies require enormous capital supply from Berkshire Hathaway but bring next to nothing in returns for the company. While it cannot be made clear why Buffet left his original investing strategy from companies whose huge earnings made their way into Berkshire Hathaway’s accounts to companies that bring back little while sucking in huge amounts of capital, Berkshire Hathaway shareholders should be concerned about the company not beating the S&P 500 index the way it used to.


Stansberry Research is an independent financial research publisher that offers both premium and free advisory services. Their research is conducted by proven analysts who know Wall Street well and who only recommend strategies that have actually succeeded for investors. Stansberry Research does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to investment strategies but instead combines opinions and perspectives to meet a variety of client needs. They have three different portfolio management services they provide including the Capital Portfolio, Income Portfolio and Total Portfolio, and each has their own set of features. They also have additional research services that come for those invited to a bundled membership. To find out more about what Stansberry Research offers, you can read their guide that’s free to download on their main website.


Glen Wakeman Offers Business Advice to Miami Businessmen


Glen has vast experiences in traveling and mostly discusses the benefits that go has brought to his life. His work experience made his traveling dreams be realized. He worked for General Electric Company for 20 years. Throughout his career at GE, he managed to work in 32 different countries. Additionally, he has resided in over six states. He says that this has contributed significantly to his achievements.

The most significant achievement of his life is when he founded the new division known as General Electric Money Latin America. The firm recorded substantial growth since it started with a single individual to 17,000 individuals worldwide.

Glen’s Traveling

Glen indicates that his work experience and career has been advanced due to the travels he makes. His career presented an ideal opportunity of traveling to various countries. As earlier indicated, he has lived in more than six states and worked for 32 countries. He demonstrates that this has advanced his thinking capacity and how to approach specific challenges. In his statement, he includes that the world is a large place that incorporates various cultures and ways of life. Every culture has its method of approaching challenges. If you visit multiple cultures, you will be equipped with methodologies to contact specific solutions. Moreover, he has good expression skills and has learned many foreign languages. He goes ahead to give the benefits of traveling

Stress Relief and Comfort

Researchers indicate that stress can have negative impacts on the health of an individual. Moreover, it affects how you handle things and the concentration. The psychiatrist has reported that vacations are convenient ways to relieve stress. Besides, it is a neat way to relax your body. They have health benefits.

Language Learning

Just like Glen, you learn various languages depending on the travels you make. For instance, Glen has learned many words regarding the countries he’s traveled to.

Enhances skills

As indicated, you learn different ways of life and cultures. This will equip you with the different ways you can approach a problem.

If you work internationally, there are high chances of succeeding in your career. This is because you interact with various people of different cultures.

Nevo: The Energy Drink Of The Future

A lot of people like to consume energy drinks when they feel that they need a little bit of a boost in their day. They like to reach for the drink of their choice, but many may fear that by doing so they are risking the potential of negative health impacts as a result.

The good news is that now there is a new energy drink out there that can help people still get their energy kick while at the same time avoiding some of the less desired impacts. This is when they use the energy drink Nevo for their energy needs.

Nevo is a product of Jeunesse Global. This is a health and dietary company that is interested in providing all of the latest and greatest natural solutions to those who have a need to try to improve their health situation. They know that they are not the first company to come up with an energy drink, but they believe that they have perfected the drink.

For those who are trying to watch their calories, the Nevo energy drink is exactly what they need. It features just fifty calories per can. Despite this, the energy drink still has plenty of caffeine to help power you through the day. Even better, a lot of artificial things that go into other energy drinks have been stripped away from this one. Think of it this way, Nevo has a lot fewer ingredients in it that you do not want to have in your bloodstream.

You will never have to deal with any artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients. The Nevo energy drink does not have any of those because Jeunesse Global has made it their commitment to keep them out of their drinks. When you start to look at things in this light, it makes a lot of sense to make the switch. You can have it all and still get the kind of energy boost that you require in your life. You just have to make the choice to drink energy drinks that are built just for you and the way that you live your life.

Graham Edwards Is Pivotal To The Success Of Telereal Trillium

A 2001 contract facilitated the outsourcing of property from Telecom holdings, which later became known simply as BT, to the much lesser known Telereal Trillium. The deal was initiated by the chief executive officer of Telereal, Graham Edwards, and sent shockwaves throughout property markets in the UK.


Edwards has manned the position of CEO for the company since the 2001 creation of the company and from the beginning, he has worked to provide an influence on the culture of Trillium. The highlighted the desire by both Edwards and Trillium to identifying value in assets not readily seen by others and the utilization of strategic partnerships to fuel the growth of the company.


A closer look at the deal between BT and Telereal sheds more light on the way Graham Edwards has impacted both the company and works for and the industry at large. BT agreed to enter into a 30-year partnership with Telereal Trillium that included Telereal gaining access to more than 6,700 properties previously owned by BT. The total value of the deal was well over two billion British Pounds.


The creative element of the deal between the two companies was the afforded flexibility of BT to vacate the properties over a period of time. This allowed for BT to gradually reduce the size of its estate while allowing Telereal to increase its company value due to obtaining the properties.


The tone set by Edwards for Telereal got the company off to a good start and demonstrated a philosophy for the company that has lasted until this day.


About Graham Edwards


Graham Edwards attended Cambridge University where he studied economics. Before working with Telereal Trillium, he served as the CIO for Talisman Global Management Edwards has also worked for Merrill Lynch, where he performed a variety of duties including fund manager and was the head of finance for the BT Group Plc.


While working for more than 15 years as CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards has consistently demonstrated that he is a highly capable business leader that maintains a high level of involvement in the day to day operations of the company he leads.


Randal Nardone: The Experienced Financialist Behind Fortress Investment Group

Being a financial leader is not always something that people manage to pull off, especially in the face of the fierce and competitive nature of the field in general. Those who managed to stand out have to be exceptional at what they do truly and have to take on a unique approach to investments and other things related to investments and assets. One person who has managed to stand out in the face of the tough competition is Randal Nardone, who currently stands as the financial leader behind Fortress Investment Group.Fortress Investment Group has consistently been seen is a positive light because of the numerous ventures that they are taking on. The company has managed to take on a unique approach to the work that they do, which is something that has helped them grow and become a notable name in the field.

Randal Nardone has contributed immensely to that development and has been able to implement a number of things that benefit the working of Fortress Investment Group as a whole.At Fortress Group, the focus has always been on the clients who come to them. Having worked in the financial field for an incredibly extended period, Narodne learned a thing or two that would contribute to a better future and more development for the company. He knew that for a company to be successful, they have to offer the very best to the clients so that the company maintains the reputation that they have curated. This ideology has helped Nardone implement a number of developments in the company that improve its overall workings, and which could contribute to a better future. Nardone has been a part of all the essential ventures that the company has undertaken since its inception. The company first started to gain a lot of attention when it decided to go public on the NYSE. The leaders and board of directors at the company knew that this would be a move that could potentially help Fortress Investment Group tremendously.

Nardone was a large part of this development that the company saw during that time, and helped the company with all the minute details of this move. As the current CEO of Fortress Investment Group, Nardone has a lot resting on his shoulders. The future of the company depends on the work that he does, and the direction that the company takes is something that he can dictate. He has worked for a number of companies in the past and has served in prominent positions within them. Before working for Fortress Investment Group, he worked at a company known as Springleaf Financial Holdings. He stood as the president of this company and led the company to an incredibly profitable future. Before working at Springleaf Financial Holdings, Nardone served as the vice president of a company known as Newcastle Investment Holdings. He implemented a number of changes to the company as a whole which significantly improved its workings and led it to a more profitable future.

Shervin Pishevar Predicts Stars and Failures of The Economy

Shervin Pishevar’s understanding of economics is well known. He has a proven record of accomplishment to show with his purchases of companies such as Uber, Slack, and Dollar Shave Club. He recently sent out a Twitter barrage to discuss the recent economic failures, pending doom, and some shining lights at the end of the tunnel.

The good news is Shervin Pishevar sees some profitable companies and business models on the horizon. SpaceX is one, which works on very forward thinking aerospace transportation programs. Virgin Hyperloop, which Pishevar is one of the co-founders, is bridging out into new territory and will survive. Shervin Pishevar called these types of companies, “moonshots.”

The tweets refer to one of the most significant declines in the US stock market recently. The drop destroyed all of the profits of 2018, and he forewarns that all of 2017’s gain will be erased too. His prediction is gloomy. The market has the possibility of dropping 6000 points. Shervin Pishevar goes on to explain his theories.

Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon are not big they are massive. One tactic they all use is to buyout emerging smaller companies and absorbing their technology or innovations. Pishevar states this business model will begin to crumble the bohemians. It’s hard to imagine a world without any of those companies, but it can and might actually happen.

Shervin Pishevar tweets about the US government bond market. The outdated means the central banks use to adjust the financial market is not sufficient anymore. The central banks could buy back bonds, but this trickery no longer will have any effect.

Young startups may change the face of business. These new stars can raise funds by crowdfunding. They also have the modern luxury of using different currencies. The two systems working together may open up many entrepreneurs and bring them to the big stage.

Shervin Pishevar envisions many disasters ahead, but there are a few moonshots and stars to watch out for.

The Day Philanthropy Becomes Quicker Installation

We challenge you to live without energy for a few days. We challenge you to see what it’s like. In a week’s time, you may devolve and become a caveman again. It’s our greatest hope that you remain a modern-class human being however. We want you to be very comfortable while living modern life in a powered society.

The society being built by one energy company is also on the foundation of philanthropy

The way to ensure that you’re comfortable is with a connection to this power.

Your widest selection of services is through Stream Energy. Stream is a leading energy supplier that has revolutionized traditional power systems. It’s a thing of the past to rely on multiple suppliers for the vast energy needs you have. Selecting Stream Energy is about selecting consolidation in your life.

Get Powered Now, And Wait On No One

Convenience is also a major factor to how Stream Energy operates. The collection of energy sources Stream combines is setting a new standard; the power industry is taking notice of it. You have access to a wide selection be it phone services, emergency medical dispatches, common electricity, gas and satellite locators.

Everything comes in one package.

There’s no rush to wait on five different companies to finally show up at your door for installation. Keep waiting if you already opted in for those services. Stream Energy prepares your new life in a fast and effective way. The system you need that consolidates your power sources is in one place and ready to go live.

More Integration Than You Can Imagine

The stream of energy you’re learning about has more than integration. Technology and a digital society becomes complicated when you’re not integrated in every facet. The work you did to manage multiple energy sources is now brought down to one simple responsibility. Manage your monthly spending with more organization.

You’re only going to find it empowering once you do. Bringing together the fine details of energy keeps your life moving without delay and without the lights going off. Let Stream Energy be your service provider, and let your world be transformed by a new digital society. There are many freedoms you’re now ready to experience.

An Overview of Sahm Adrangi’s Career Profile

Cellcom Israel Ltd. is a leading communications company which was established in 1994. The company has built its reputation for being the leading cellular provider in Israel. It serves over 2.805 million clients by offering different services such as data services, multimedia messaging services, and advanced mobile content. The company has recently announced an appointment of Mr. Sholem Lapidot to be a member of the board of directors. The appointment which took place on March 22, 2018, is expected to expire when the company holds the next yearly shareholders’ conference.

Sahm Adrangi who is the instigator of Kerrisdale Capital Management has been actively involved in building its incredible reputation since 2009. The significant contributions of Mr. Adrangi can be seen by evaluating the finances which the company manages. Based on July 2017 analysis, the company was reported to manage $150 million which is a significant improvement compared to when it was launched. Mr. Adrangi first built his reputation by exposing different fraudulent companies in China. Some of these companies include Lihua International, China-Biotics, and China Marine Food Group.

In addition to being a publishing researcher, Sahm Adrangi has been involved in playing an activist role in numerous companies. Previously, Sahm Adrangi worked in Chanin Capital Partners in a bankruptcy restructuring group. His roles in this job position included advising creditors on bankruptcy restructuring and assignments such as preferred equity committees, bondholder committees, and creditors of distressed companies. Before working in this company, Mr. Adrangi worked in Deutsche Bank. During his work tenure in this bank, he helped in structuring leveraged buyout financings and debt refinancing. By successfully working in different reputable organizations, it is evident that Sahm Adrangi possesses the best skills and knowledge in the economic sector. He pursued his higher education at Yale University where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor Arts in Economics.

The working experience and vast knowledge in matters concerning economics have led to Sahm Adrangi lecturing numerous conferences. Some of the seminars that he has been a speaker include Activist Investor Conference, Sohn Conference, Traders 4 a Cause, Value Investing Conference and many more. Mr. Sahm has been featured in numerous publications including BusinessWeek, New York Times and many more. Moreover, he has appeared on Bloomberg and CNBC for interviews.

Who Else But Madison Street?

As If The Only Firm In the World


Everyone in the world of finance understands that the most difficult transaction to accomplish in the industry of business is a merger. Regardless of the names we give it, the basic process of an acquisition is when one group seeks to buy out another. If a corporation, for example, doesn’t strategically manage its stock, it’s possible to buy that company out.


This would occur because the stock represents the company and the actual company. But regardless of how the strategy in a merger/acquisition is applied, the difficulty remains. So when we take the obstacles of a large merger and look at the Madison Street Capital agency, what we find is something that goes against the norm. Learn more:


The service doesn’t matter. As we see in recent news, MSC’s lastest equity investment is a with a big company and shows great promisese to come.


– Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is your standard name among investment agencies on Wall Street. The firm started in New York City and continues to lead its sector. Banks of its kind have little options regarding standard checking and savings accounts. What investment banks have instead are account options when your money’s objective is to be invested.


So, when we mention that the Madison Street Capital firm goes against the norm, we’re saying how the agency turns the stereotypes around. As the world of professional finance struggles with the act of merging or acquiring a company, Madison Street makes news for its outstanding performance.


They were able to merge two giants in Tech and with no fuss. This will be the same pattern for Sertling Packaging who is the firm’s newest client. Learn more:


The Old Kids On The Block


The MSC agency didn’t use magic to make their name happen.


They instead took a long track record and used cunning tactics. One of the most prominent steps which Madison Street Capital took was to keep the transaction “under wraps.” The worst thing to happen in most mergers and acquisitions, which fail, is the management of bad rumors that can spread fast.


By eliminating this potential, Madison Street Capital was able to minimize the hearsay and confusion. When confusion and dissent characterizes these types of transactions, it’s a safe bet that the merger will die. Learn more:


This fragility can’t be overstated when in the midst of an acquisition.


One thing holds true also, and it’s that Madison Street Capital reputation will continue growing as a name never to be forgotten in the world of finance. Learn more: