Michel Terpin – Super

I won’t be able to submit an article on Jerusalem until this weekend. This will be my ONLY delay. I was already obligated to a project, and it comes to fruition Friday. I wrote over 100 articles about Jerusalem in 2006? 2007?

I will write a new piece, as I don’t have that copy any more, nor do I use old pieces. You have my word that you will have a clean and engaging piece on Jerusalem by Saturday afternoon (Mountain Time). Are there any words you would like me to incorporate in the Jerusalem sample? In the meantime, Michel Terpin?

I saw his ad on Craigslist. I am a freelance writer and I will be interested in the opportunity. I can work for 40+ hours weekly. I have over five years’ experience in freelance academic writing. I have written a variety of papers, such as research papers, term papers, personal statements and annotated bibliographies.

Similarly, I have a keen eye to details and ensure my work is of high quality. Over the years I have horned my research skill and I appreciate timely delivery of tasks and fulfilling instructions to the dot. I am a Legal Researcher. As a junior researcher in a consulting firm, my duty is to research on various topic relating to Law and Marketing. I have drafted policies, proposals and business plans for both companies and individuals.

I have been awarded the best researcher of the year in my firm after completing one a six month intricate and thorough criminal law research paper.

1) Terpin believes leadership is about inspiring. It is not a power position but one that is for the innovative, creative, and motivating. The best leaders are able to see the best in others and to utilize strengths and build up weaknesses. They are willing to listen and able to give and receive critical feedback without pride or demeaning others.

2) He is able to receive payment from winning each rally race.

3) He even has experience writing and editing in AP style, willing to refine those skills as necessary.