Melbourne Office Relocation: A Pointer to the Growth and Spread of Equities First Holdings

There is perhaps no better way of explaining the growth of a company than when its offices globally become too small by reason of an ever-creasing clients’ base. Even after expanding the size of these offices, the problem remains leading to relocations. This is the exact picture of Equities First Holdings at the moment. The relocation of the Melbourne office of the company is the case study this time around. The staff and clients in Melbourne deserve commendation for enduring the inconvenience of transacting business in an office that grew too small as the number of clients increased. Initially, the former office was perfect, so the company has never at any time wanted to inconvenient it esteem clients and staff.

The other two offices in Australia are in the cities of Sydney and Perth. Both are equally doing well and their office space has been further enlarged to avoid inconvenience. In the case of the Melbourne, the only option was to relocate as there was no room for expansion. Fortunately, the search for a better location turned out well as the company the new office is far spacious and also have the capacity for expansion if need arise. Also, many clients and staff prefer the new location because it is in the heart of the city, a more accessible area. To know more click here.

The growth of Equities First Holdings can be traced to the quick capital it provides through the issuing of stock-based loans. Borrowers seem to prefer this type of loans because it comes without any form of restriction as to what to use it for. Also, in the event of a default, borrowers can walk away without further obligation than the stock used as collateral.

Today, Equities First Holding has strong presence in a number of countries including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United State where its headquarters is.