Selecting A Renowned Investment Bank

Relmada Therapeutics, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical firm and former client of Laidlaw & Company, has filed a request in court to amend its allegation against Laidlaw & Company and its managers, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern.

Relmada indicated that a temporary restraining order was previously issued against Laidlaw and its executives, James Ahern and Matthew Eitner, alleging that they were disseminating false and misleading information. Relmada wants Laidlaw & Company to compensate them for the damages their company has suffered. The motion also asks for Laidlaw to be prevented from tarnishing Relmada’s reputation. Relmada has sent out notices to stockholders regarding this motion filed to protect their interests.

Laidlaw & Company has been rendering top notch investment advice and financial management solutions for many years and is considered one of the most reliable in the industry. The professionals at this company are well known for their honesty and transparent dealings with clients. They provide investment solutions that help businesses and investors achieve tremendous growth and success in their endeavors. Clients have been raving about Laidlaw and its management leaders, Matthew Eitner and James.

Managing wealth or providing advisory service is simple for James Ahern and Matthew Eitner, and they take the time to ensure theta clients understand the terms and conditions of service. They work closely with their client to develop investment plans and strategies to ensure their success.

If you are looking for a trusted source of investment and wealth management advice or guidance, it is imperative that you contact Matthew Eitner and James Ahern or other professional at Laidlaw & Company.

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