The Journey Back To Success Made Easy By Doug Levitt

As with people in any other situation, people who are struggling come in all types. While there are the complacent, there are those that are doing everything they can to make it back to where they are comfortable. There are too many cases where otherwise honest and hardworking individuals are stuck having to give up their way of life. In many cases, it is through no fault of their own. Instead, they have been victims of the actions of others. Then there are cases where things just work out in ways that are unexpected and unfavorable. Many of these people are left to start over.

Fortunately, they don’t have to make the journey all by themselves. There are people that are willing to help in any way that they can. Among these people is Doug Levitt. Doug is a singer and songwriter who has gotten himself involved in the lives of people that are struggling. He has a compassion that comes through in his creativity. He sings with such a passion that could only come from authentic feelings. While he has been really good as an entertainer, he has looked for ways to improve his craft and raise the consciousness of his audience.

Doug Levitt is willing to help people who are struggling. The interesting thing about helping the struggling is that some of them have a very small need. They just need to be heard and listen to in some cases. A lot of people are looking at different things they can do in order to bring themselves out of the mess they are in. Doug has managed to bring forth these stories of people that are keeping up the good fight. One thing that Doug’s book, The Greyhound Diaries is going to show is that there is humanity in the struggle.


How To Manage Your Online Reputation

Are you aware that your online reputation has a great impact on your business and personal profile? Do you want to be sure that your brand or organization is well protected against threats and attacks? Want to know what you can do to ensure a great online reputation management for your company or brand?

When people want to make a buying decision, they rely on what they find online about companies they are researching. reveals that Bad press or negative reviews will certainly drive potential customers or clients away from your business. If you want to keep track of what people see when they look up your name or company name online, you need to hire the services of an experienced reputation control firm. Your business will suffer adverse effects if you do not have a way to effectively remove or suppress derogatory or damaging content concerning your business.

Every business owner and company executive should aim for positive reviews about their products and services. Negative content or demeaning remarks about your brand can tarnish your company’s image and ruin your business. No matter the industry or profession you are in, it is essential to have a reliable reputation management system that alerts you about discussions that affect your brand or organization. It is a good idea to take proactive steps to ensure that only positive reviews about your brand is accessible to online users, while derogatory reviews get suppressed.

Address critics and negative remarks, but stay positive. Not everyone will talk positively about you, no matter how much effort you put into providing satisfactory service or products. If you come across a negative review or derogatory remark of you or your organization, don’t respond immediately – you might come across angry about the situation. Instead, wait a bit and then address the issue or respond in a positive way. If you enhance the customer’s experience, they may delete or amend the negative review.

A reliable reputable management firm can help you deal with these types of issues. It is advisable to choose a company that has a team of knowledgeable and experienced online reputation management professionals.


A Quick Intro to FreedomPop Wireless

FreedomPop Wireless is a radical new phone and data company that is seriously altering the landscape of traditional mobile phone and data technology. They are changing the face of the mobile industry in a number of different ways. Through new and innovative pricing schemes alongside consumer friendly branding and pricing they are winning over customers from coast to coast. In this article we will go over the basics of the FreedomPop service and help you to examine whether a switch over to FreedomPop is in your best interests as a mobile phone user.

What Makes FreedomPop Different?
FreedomPop differs from your typical mobile phone company in one important way. Instead of signing up for multiple year packages that have set in stone data limits the pricing at FreedomPop changes depending on your usage. Pricing ranges from free all the way up to expensive if you use massive amounts of data. Essentially every person that uses FreedomPop is given a certain amount of minutes, data and texts for free.

As long as you are on a FreedomPop capable device you are given an allotment of minutes data and texts every month. If you do not exceed that limit you do not owe them a dime. If you do exceed that amount the pricing is set on tiers where you only pay for what you use. So instead of wasting money on data, texts and minutes you do not use you will only have to pay for what you need.

Where is FreedomPop Available?
FreedomPop is currently in every major metropolitan area in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and Asia. Service in the United States is great in major metropolitan areas and expanding in rural and suburban areas. They are rapidly expanding services through deals with existing major telecommunications companies so service is coming to previously unsupervised areas very quickly. As long as you live somewhere in or within a certain distance of even a mid sized city you should have no problem signing up for FreedomPop and getting great service.

How Do I Sign Up For FreedomPop?

In order to receive FreedomPop phone, data or text service you must have an approved FreedomPop device and download their Google Play app. You can purchase these devices directly from FreedomPop or on the secondary market. Once you have an officially approved device simply activate a FreedomPop sim card and you are set. You have the option of choosing a plan that costs money at the beginning or choosing the free plan and paying as you go. Both ways have their own unique benefits. Since it is pay as you go heavy users might want to utilize one of the up front plans in order to negate costs but if you are not planning on using a ton of data, minutes, or text messages you should be fine with the free plan.

FreedomPop is changing the landscape of the American telecommunications market. Competitors like Verizon are already dropping subsidized phone programs and adapting to the new market reality that FreedomPop represents. When large companies compete the consumer tends to win out in the end. FreedomPop offers many different things to different customers. Low limit users benefit from not subsidizing heavy users and people who tend to use a great deal of the network get a fair price for what they use.

Parents are getting cheap WIFI with FreedomPop

The first of the month is comin’ round the corner and you know what that means: bills. Bills for water, bills for gas… the only bills I don’t have are the dollar kind in my wallet. If you (like many parents) are looking for ways to cut back on expenses, it’s time to look for alternatives. Instead of spending too much on organic produce to cook your kids healthy meals, look into your local CSAs that provide fresh produce for a fraction of the cost. If you’re tired of high electric bills, maybe turn that thermostat down a bit, clean out the chimney, and remind your family of the old fashioned way to keep warm in the winter by lighting a fire. If you’re tired of sky-high wireless and mobile bills, maybe it’s time you check out alternative data companies like FreedomPop over the monopolies like ComCast and Time Warner.

FreedomPop is a business that is based on telecommunications and boasts free wireless internet and mobile phone services. The company itself is based in Los Angeles, California.

FreedomPop was first founded in 2011 when Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar came together to try a new entertainment business. Stokols was originally the CEO of another company called Woo Media before the two created and co-created FreedomPop. After the creation of the company, FreedomPop has first shared a partnership with another company called Lightsquared, but sadly had to end it once it was found that Lightsquared didn’t receive approval to build a network from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Despite the ending of the partnership, FreedomPop continued to go about its business and first began to build by selling smartphones in 2012. Once this had happened the company was able to gain some users by allowing them to become paid users, which began to steadily increase towards the end of 2012 when the company began offering mobile and wireless internet services using a Clearwire network.

With the success of adding more paid users to its network, FreedomPop continued to grow when it announced that the company was partnering with Sprint in April of 2013 to expand its coverage. The company then began launching their own free mobile phone plan and a year later in 2014, they began offering a free 4G data and voice plan, including with Samsung and the iPad mini. 

As of the last quarter of 2014, however, Sprint is negotiating to try and buy FreedomPop, which would be a gain of $250 million at the very least. At the start of 2015, FreedomPop has also began launching an unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot service that will allow it to expand its customer base to around 120 million people. This is all due to the fact that “hotspots” today are an increasing occurrence in fast food restaurants and coffee shops all across the country. Stokols himself has gone on to suggest that the reason the company is making this move is because people want to dodge paying extra money for their data plans, a move that will likely attract over one million new customers by the end of the year.

As you may of read on the Wall Street Journal, FreedomPop is also offering $5 monthly WIFI access. Read more about it here on the WSJ blog.

If you’re interested in FreedomPop, check it out first on Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play. Do any of my readers already use FreedomPop? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

Student’s Words Spark Fundraiser That Sends Class to Harvard

Humans of New York, is one of the most popular sites on the web, and recently it’s latest success comes in the form of a fundraiser that earned enough money to pay for a decade’s worth of college visits for a school in an under serviced neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

Creator Brandon Stanton wanders the streets of the Big Apple and photographs its many residents, and through a series of question prompts he asks them during the encounter, accompanies their photos with several lines that capture the essence of who they are. Most of the time, you’d never guess the stories and secrets behind some of the faces, which is perfect testament to the age old saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

When Stanton posted 14-year-old Vidal’s photo, the caption was a quite that explained how his principal, Nadia Lopez of the Mott Bridges Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn, is the mos influential figure in his life. The photo received such an overwhelming response that Stanton paid a visit to the school the next day, and throughout the week featured photos and quotes from Lopez and various inspiring teachers who work at the Mott Bridges Academy.

Viewers asked for ways they could help the school, and a donation page was set up by Stanton on Crowdfund that raised $100,000 in only 45 minutes. Now, it has raised upwards of $700,000 dollars which is enough to fund college trips to Harvard University for 10 years, as well as fund various writing programs and incentives for the school. A scholarship has also been set up that will be awarded to students annually, and it has been named The Vidal Scholarship in honor of the young man who’s kind words started it all. Brian Torchin is a fan of Humans of New York and is truly touched by this story. You can find more about him on

8 Year Old Raises $1 Million for Friend With Liver Condition

While the young Jared Haftel can certainly be charitable in more ways than one, few would expect children as young as 8 years old to be capable of large scale campaigns.

Eight year old Dylan Siegel decided to write a book when he found his friend Jonah Pournazarian suffered from a rare form of liver disorder. The “Chocolate Bar” book priced at $20, managed to generate over 25,000 copies in sale, the proceeds of which will go to University of Florida where Dr David Weinstein is working to find a cure. While there is no cure at the moment, Jonah and Dylan and hopeful a cure will found soon in the near future.

Dylan’s book has been a huge success ever since it was published and the phrase “that is so chocolate bar” is used to denote something that is awesome. Dylan in own words said, “I like to go swimming, that is so chocolate bar.”

Jonah is one of the rare 500 diagnosed with glycogen storage disease type 1b. The disease was considered to be extremely fatal in the 1970’s while Jonah continues to have difficult time managing his illness. The disease has lowered his resistance to bacterial infections and he had to be hospitalized over 20 times last year. He is fed through a tube in his stomach with a mixture of cornstarch and water.

When Awesome Means Chocolate Bar

Dylan Siegel was just 6 years old when he decided he had to do something to help his best friend Jonah Pournazarian, so he just simply sat down and wrote a book. He did not understand how the publishing industry worked after he made his book he just told his mom to go make copies. His mother realizing the importance of this for both little boys, found a publisher and “The Chocolate Bar  was reproduced and sold in all 50 states and in over 60 countries. It’s a great gift for kids along with a bottle from The Antique Wine Company for the parents.

Jonah Pournazarian is the best fried of Dylan Siegel and he has a very rare disease called glycogen storage disease type 1B only 500 people in the entire world have this disease. It unfortunately has no cure. But only being 6 at the time he wrote the book Dylan just knew he needed to raise the money to help fund a cure.

Every 3 hours he has to be fed through a tube in his stomach a precise mixture of water and corn starch. It helps to keep his glucose level steady otherwise he would die from low blood sugar. They cannot miss an alarm because it would mean Jonah’s death.

Dylan Siegel has given his friend the gift of hope with his book bringing in one million dollars in sales. Every penny made of the book goes towards research. They are now closer to a cure

Baby Born on Sequential Birth Day Is a Miracle for Parents

Kristi and Bryan Caruthers, residents of Asheville, North Carolina, have a lot to celebrate this Christmas. Not only are they overjoyed to bring home a healthy baby boy, named Callum, but he has a very special birthday according to Dr. Daniel Amen. 

Callum, who was born in Johnson City, Tennessee, was born at 10:11 on December 13th, 2014. The chance to be born on a sequential birthday won’t come around again anytime soon. Callum is also special because he was born after several losses, and an infertility roller coaster. 

Last June, the proud parents lost twins who were born at just 22 weeks gestation. They feared they’d never be able to have a child on their own. In fact, they were told surrogacy or adoption were their best options for a healthy child. Kristi became pregnant shortly after losing their twins, and thankfully, Callum was delivered safely and right on time for Christmas. Callum, and his mother Kristi are both healthy, happy and doing well. 

He, while having a very special birthday, also shares it with several others. Three babies, born in three different states, were also born at 10:11 on 12-13-14.

Newest Saga of Grand Theft Auto Scandal Outrages People

The most controversial game in history, GTA, was released by Rockstar Games Tuesday, and this newest saga is more scandalous than the last.

The newest version of the popular video game “Grand Theft Auto ” has outraged many people. Besides the cursing and extreme violence, participants now have the ability to have simulated graphic sex with prostitutes, from a first-person perspective.

In previous versions of the game game players could interact with prostitutes without experiencing anything explicit. This time it’s possible to see and hear sex scenes. Another feature of the game allows the participant to “recover” what was paid to the prostitute by beating, or shooting.

“Grand Theft Auto V” won over a billion dollars in its first three days on the market. This new version was released on Tuesday and twitterers say that this experience is “disturbing.”

The saga of “Grand Theft Auto” is one of the more popular video games in history. There you can steal, kill, and even become the hunted. The more crimes are committed, the more you advance in it.

In all GTA games the character performs illegal activities such as murder, drug trafficking, extortion, assault pedestrians, pimping, car theft, etc. Also, the option of seeking prostitutes require their services to be enabled.

If you have kids (like me and Lee Lovett), please be aware of the content in these games before letting them play. At the very least, check out some Vimeo channels, I’m sure there’s videos you can see without playing the game.

Close to 2.5 Million Children Homeless in United States

In the seventh wealthiest nation on earth, the United States, shockingly is home to nearly 2.5 million homeless children according to a 2012-2013 study conducted by the National Center on family Homelessness. The study published on Monday, found an alarming 8% increase in child homelessness in 2013. Homelessness among children has increased in 31 states and the District of Columbia, rising by 10% in District of Columbia and 10 states.

The Center cited several factors as contributing to childhood homelessness which include poverty, the continuing recession, lack of affordable housing and single mothers, who earn only a fraction of what a household with two parents does. The lower income plays a significant role in single mothers’ ability to find and keep affordable housing.

The report noted that single mothers, especially those with very young children, statistically have little income, are either underemployed or unemployed, and often have high amounts of debt. Significant impediments to achieving financial stability and housing include: lack of childcare, education, job skills and transportation. These problems go beyond the powers of people like Bruce Levenson who set up children’s charities.

The study also looked at homelessness by state. The state with the most risk for childhood homelessness is Alabama and the state with the least risk for childhood homelessness is Montana.

The study found that there is a large disparity in homelessness regarding race, with “black children under the age of five being 29 times more likely to be in a homeless shelter than white children.”