911 Dispatchers Save Christmas for Family

I love uplifting stories, especially around the holidays. And this story shared with me by Bernardo Chua is a good one.

A grandfather in Tacoma, Washington thought he was doing a good deed for his daughter by bringing her trash and recycling cans to the curb on collection day. However what he was not aware of was that his daughter placed all the Christmas presents for her 6 children in that recycling bin for hiding. Before the grandfather found out the recycling truck had already come by and collected the bin. In a panic he called 911 hoping that maybe they could do something to stop the truck before the presents were ruined. Unfortunately it was too late. The Christmas presents for the children ages 13 to 6 months were gone. The grandfather was distraught. 

Not only was the grandfather distraught but so were the 911 dispatchers who heard the news. The 911 dispatchers decided there was something they could do to help the family. They, along with a few off duty police officers, pooled together a collection of $700 to use to replace the gifts. Being that it was the evening of Christmas Eve there were only two retail stores open. Employees rushed to those stores and managed to replace presents for the children, and even picked up a few for their parents. Needless to say the family was surprised and very grateful for what was done for them. 

To see a video interview with the 911 dispatchers involved check out Komo news.

Mother and child reunited

Melissa Carleton fell into a coma backing March due to a benign brain tumor which caused a seizure. She was kept in a coma at until her baby made it to full term. She delivered her son, West Nataniel Lande, by C-section, in May.

Since delivering her baby, Melissa has woken up from her coma. However, she spent months in the hospital. After being in the hospital for months, she was moved to her parents home, where she was provided with around the clock care according to Bruce Levenson.

She is finally getting to go home and live with her husband again. Which has to be a relief, as he has been commuting 4 ½ hours between where his home and job are located and where her parents live and where she stayed in the hospital.

Right in time to celebrate her son’s first Christmas, Melissa is finally going home. The Saturday after Christmas was the first time she had seen her son in over two months. Right now, Melissa is able to be alert and respond to things happening around her. She is also able to move her feet. However, just like her newborn son, Melissa is going to have to learn how to walk, talk, eat and perform basic functions again. She is technically in a minimally conscious state, and has been fighting to get back. She has a long road in front of her before she is even ready to enter a rehabilitation facility. Her family is hopefully that she will continue to recover and are thankful for all the support they have received

3-D Printing Advances Help Baby Thrive

Garrett Peterson is too young to understand 3-D printing, and he is too young to remember the days before this became a part of our lives. Garrett Peterson is too young to realize just what 3-D printing has done for him and the way that it changed his life, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t appreciate it one day.

Garrett Peterson was born in 2012, before we even started to hear a lot about 3-D printing, before it had become something that was in the news often. Garrett Peterson was born with a defective windpipe, and he needed help. Thanks to 3-D printing, this little boy has received the help that he was needing. 3-D printing has allowed little Garrett Peterson to receive a new windpipe, a windpipe that was created just for him. The medical advances that are coming about through 3-D printing are amazing, and Garrett Peterson will appreciate them one day, plus investors like Lee G. Lovett are going to be coming out in droves, and have already shown a ton of interest on services like Angel.co.

Hush Little Baby

The soothing sound of your mother’s voice when you were a child and upset is something everyone remembers. Her voice made everything better even if it seemed like it was the end of the world.

The gift of hearing was given to Ryan Aprea, a beautiful 2-year-old who was born at 25 weeks deaf. This lovable toddler was given a cochlear implant in hopes to aid him in hearing his mother’s voice for the first time. Good fortune came to this babe as he squealed in delight and laughed after hearing his mother speak for the first time. Ryan’s mother is overtaken with joy and reports that now with the implant, Ryan is responding more and making eye contact.

Over 65,000 people all of the world heard this little cherub giggle in delight. Needless to say, this is an excellent Christmas present for this family. Thanks for sending over this heartwarming story Bernardo Chua!

Baby Born on Sequential Birth Day Is a Miracle for Parents

Kristi and Bryan Caruthers, residents of Asheville, North Carolina, have a lot to celebrate this Christmas. Not only are they overjoyed to bring home a healthy baby boy, named Callum, but he has a very special birthday according to Dr. Daniel Amen. 

Callum, who was born in Johnson City, Tennessee, was born at 10:11 on December 13th, 2014. The chance to be born on a sequential birthday won’t come around again anytime soon. Callum is also special because he was born after several losses, and an infertility roller coaster. 

Last June, the proud parents lost twins who were born at just 22 weeks gestation. They feared they’d never be able to have a child on their own. In fact, they were told surrogacy or adoption were their best options for a healthy child. Kristi became pregnant shortly after losing their twins, and thankfully, Callum was delivered safely and right on time for Christmas. Callum, and his mother Kristi are both healthy, happy and doing well. 

He, while having a very special birthday, also shares it with several others. Three babies, born in three different states, were also born at 10:11 on 12-13-14.

Couple Adopts Triplets, Rewarded with Twins

Andy and Sarah Justice of Tulsa, Oklahoma were married three and a half years when they decided to see a fertility specialist. Flavio Maluf says that after his good friends, Andy and Sarah had reviewed all of their options, choosing adoption, and receiving their own miracle, the couple grew their family by five in under a year.

The couple had been struggling to conceive so they talked to a specialist about their options. Surrogacy, hormone treatments, and in vitro fertilization are all very expensive and do not grant good odds. Andy and Sarah picked adoption, the choice they felt was right.

It took a bit of time and a lot of faith but the couple was chosen by a birth mother. Sarah quickly bonded with the woman, and went with her to ultrasounds. They discovered together that Andy and Sarah would be adopting triplets. The couple was overjoyed.

The triplets were born May 18th. Not two weeks later, Sarah visited her doctor again. She suspected- and he confirmed it- that she had conceived a child of her own blood. A later ultrasound revealed twins. The couple talked about their reactions and their faith in a video interview.

Andy and Sarah, though reasonably scared, are ecstatic to have such a large family. The triplets are now nine months old, and the twins are two months. The family receives donations, support, and assistance from their church and community. Though tired, they have never been happier.