Film And Activism Combine For Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen may be best known as the public face of the Human Rights Foundation and Oslo Freedom Forum, both of which he established in the first part of the 21st century, but he has also carved out a successful career as a film producer. The Venezuelan born film producer has often looked to combine these two great passions in his life to create a success in both areas, including his creation of a number of documentaries that have explained how citizens fought back against the tyrannical rule of communism.

In terms of the activism Thor Halvorssen has taken part in he has looked to bring a new level of success to the community based on his decision to look away from North American and European issues that are important to other groups. Thor Halvorssen has made sure his activism work is filled with high profile discussions and work with news channels that may not always be seen as the usual home to such a successful activist. The world leaders Thor Halvorssen has worked to reveal as major abusers of the human rights of their citizens include Russian President Vladimir Putin; much of the work Thor has completed in Russia relates to the appointment of political dissident Gary Kasparov as President of the Human Rights Foundation and the support given to activists “Pussy Riot”.

FtgorAs a philanthropist Thor Halvorssen is always looking for ways of bringing the next generation of human rights activists into the community through educational programs. Halvorssen has headed or been the patron to groups like The Children’s Peace Movement that looks to create communication links between young people trapped in conflict filled environments and those in the traditionally secure areas of northern Europe. Making sure the latest issues in the human rights community remain part of the conversation for people around the world has led to Thor developing The Motion Picture Institute, which works to bring documentaries relating to human rights issues to the screen through financial funding and creative support.