Keith Mann and the Fight to Protect Animals

Animals do not have a voice and most are unable to truly fight back if they are attacked or mistreated. That is why people from all around the world do what they can in order to protect the animals and assist them. Keith Mann is an animal rights activist out of the UK. He works with a group known as the Animal Liberation Front in assisting animals both in captivity and those who are mistreated. It is his designed to make sure all animals are properly taken care of, no matter where in the world they live.

Keith Mann of animaliberationfont doesn’t just work to improve the lives of animals, but it is his goal to also reduce how animals are treated, even if they are destined to be processed into meals. In fact, in 1994 he received a 14 year prison sentence from conspiring to set meat lorries on fire. With a network of other animal activists, he managed to escape custody, although police eventually found him working in an animal sanctuary. The police ended up reducing his sentence. Upon his release, he talked with The Guardian, a leading UK newspaper publication in order to discuss how the government had cut down his ability to protest the way animals are treated in the country. He stated all he wants to do is to make sure animals are treated properly.

Some might wonder how Keith Mann developed such a passion and love for animals. While in school, his very first job was working on a dairy farm. He wrote about the agony many of the new cow mothers experienced due to the separation they had from their calves. The cows would cry out, looking for their offspring, only to never actually find them and to have the milk churned out for financial profit.

Mann works directly with the Animal Protection Party. This is a political group that runs on the desire to improve benefits for animals in the UK. While animals are unable to run for political office themselves, The Animal Protection Party elects individuals to run in different races they believe they not only have a chance of winning, but at least have the ability to gain attention from the local and international press. While the political party has yet to put anyone into any sort of office, they are receiving more and more votes when running.

Keith Mann is all about stopping animal cruelty. He does not believe in testing products on animals in a caged facility where most of the animals never are allowed to see the light of day or truly experience life. He also doesn’t believe animals should be imported into the country simply to be caged into small spaces where they live out their short lives without the ability to freely move around.

The Role of Economists like Christian Broda

Much uproar has been witnessed due to the recent devaluation of the Yuen currency by the Chinese authorities. It has been viewed as a move to fix its exports, which has been on the dip for several months now. In the United States, some economists do not see the positive side of this argument. Those who support it view it as a means to get cheap imports from China.
Economists play an important role in any given country. They study, apply, and develop concepts and theories in economics with the view to coming up with appropriate economic policies. They also offer important insights on the performance of stock markets, currencies, and the performance of the economy through their expert analysis. They contribute to the development of policies touching on taxation, inflation rates, exchange rates and different market factors.
One successful economist is Christian Broda. He is a New York based economist. According to him, the amount of how rich you are depends on the salary you earn and the cost of the products that you buy. He argues that even if your salary is doubled and the cost of the goods remains high, it will still be difficult for one to afford such products. He considered it an advantage to the American consumers to have cheaper imports on the condition that quality standards are maintained.
Broda has been a University professor. His research focuses on addressing issues touching on International trade, microeconomics, and finance. Currently, he is an associate editor for the Journal of Development Economics. He is also a research fellow at the Bureau of Economic Research. In addition, he has published articles in the Journal of International Economics and the American Economic Review.
The devaluation of the Yuen had some rippling effects on the global markets. It raised fears about the Chinese economy as a whole. China is the second largest economy in the world behind the United States. Economists predicted different results with some giving optimistic forecast while others were skeptical of the situation. The move shook stock markets in Asia and Europe. Oil prices fell under $50 a barrel with Copper prices hitting low prices that had never been experienced over the last six years.
The above happenings cannot be solely attributed to the devaluation of the Yuen. This is because several countries are undergoing challenges in their economies thus, undertaking active measures to avert market crashes. Economic growth is on the slow. Only the United States has seen positive changes in the recent years. There has been improvement in the GDP and the employment rates have increased over the past few months. On the flip side, China’s economy has been on the slow with an 8% drop in its exports in the month of July.

There Are A lot Of New York City Apartments Out There If You Just Look

You have some grievances with your current landlord, and you know you have to move out of your apartment within a month. Maybe the problems you’re having in your current apartment are not your fault, and you’ve been given a chance to rectify the situation by moving to another apartment. You search everywhere you can to find a new place, but you’re coming up with nothing. Even when you take public transportation home at night, you ask people about different apartments that are leasing as well as looking through different advertisements. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get a break when it comes to finding another apartment in New York City real estate, so what do you do?

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Fiat Chrysler Sees Red After Their Fined and Forced to Take Back Cars

Fiat Chrysler is proof positive that you can’t mishandle a recall and ignore the ramifications. Their defective Ram pickups and older model Jeeps service issues may be the undoing to their auto kingdom. With the threat of millions of dollars lying over their heads, it’s clear that this company is in trouble. There were two dozen recalls that were messed up according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The defective parts in the Ram trucks caused drivers to lose control. The recall of 2013 affected over 570,000 vehicles. The internal steering parts were malfunctioning and there were casualties. If they have to buy back one third of them, many of them have already been repaired. In the Jeeps, the problem was the rear mounted gas tanks. There are more than a million of those SUVs in question. The auto maker offered owners an incentive of $100 to get them repaired.

With a civil penalty of over $100 million dollars hanging over their head, it will surpass the $70 million dollar fine that Honda Motor Company received many years ago. And that’s gonna be huge according to James Dondero. Perhaps the authorities are trying to set an example with this auto company. This is definitely an aggressive punishment, but they are making a point with them for not properly disclosing defects. Identifying them is just not enough; they have to be proactive when lives are on the line.

The recall goes all the way back to 2003 when the Aspen and Durango SUVs were brought into question. Over 700,000 of these models have been excluded from the buyback program, as they have been already serviced. Will this break Fiat Chrysler? It certainly could be the beginning of the end. They won’t be the first car company to face perils, and they probably won’t be the last either.

Spanish child dies from Diptheria

The fight between those who agree with and oppose vaccinations for children hit a new level in Europe when it was announced a Spanish child had become the first to die of Diptheria in 29 years. The child died in the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona after becoming the first to contract the disease since 1986 in Spain and the first in Catalonia since 1983. Spanish authorities had announced the hospitalization of the six year old boy on May 30th and revealed his parents had refused vaccinations that should have protected him from the illness, according to ABC.

In most cases children under the age of seven are vaccinated using a combined medication used to inoculate them from Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis. In recent years the use of combined vaccinations has become a hot topic across Europe and North America as some parents and experts have cited anecdotal evidence of their link to autism and other conditions after vaccinations have taken place stated Ivan Ong. There has not been conclusive scientific evidence for the link to autism being made, but the parents of the six year old boy decided against vaccination for as yet unreported reasons.

Vaccinations Becoming Required?


Ah the great vaccination debate. Its been around for quite a few years now and it came up again when there was a recent outbreak of measles cases in the United States; more specifically, Disneyland. One hundred and forty seven people were affected by this outbreak before it finally was contained. This might seem like a lot of people but really it is not, and State Assembly GOP Leader: Kristin Olsen, feels that a proposed bill that would require vaccinations in the United States is going a bit overboard. SB 277 is a bill in California that would get rid of the personal belief exemption that many people are using to avoid having to vaccinate their child. Basically, the process involves writing a letter to the child’s pediatrician and / or school explaining what personal beliefs a person has and why they do not want to vaccinate. It can be approved or denied.

While there are many supporters of  this bill, many people like Kevin Seawright are saying its an outrage. Not only should parents have the right to make this decision for their child but also, there have only been five outbreaks of measles in recent years, with not a lot of people being affected. This is an overreaction to a small issue that was immediately taken care of before more and more people could become sick. SB 277 was passed by the State Senate back in May and it is awaiting a vote by the State Assembly.

Parents Face Neglect Charges After Child is Outside

Children play outside. It’s nature, and it’s not something that most parents would think twice about when they let their children play outside. A Florida couple has been charged with neglect after their child, who is 11, played outside for an hour and a half. Most people would find that this is beneficial for children as they need fresh air and physical activity instead of sitting inside all the time. However, this isn’t how the child ended up outside in the first place. He was locked out of the home and had to stay outdoors until his parents came home. While he wasn’t injured, and no one took the boy from the home, the parents could have done something to make sure there was either someone there or that the boy had a key to get inside the house. There doesn’t really seem to be a grounds for a neglect charge as there is not a minimum age listed for children to be left at home in Florida stated That doesn’t change the fact that the parents should have been a little more responsible since the child was younger.

Children Starting Yoga From North American Spine

North American Spine is a provide of a minimal invasion spine procedure that helps greatly with chronic back pain. In Dallas, TX, they donated 50 yoga mats to very young school age children as an outreach program at Robert E. Lee Elementary School.

Prevention off course is the best cure for this thus starting these children into yoga. This provider highly recommends that after three hours of sitting that you must stand or lay down. Sitting for prolonged periods without changing positions creates a heavy stress on the spinal disks. This improves blood flow to the spinal disks. Stretching also helps immensely since stretching is also part of yoga. A daily routine is very important.

The children who received the yoga mats are all either Pre-K age or kindergarten age who are mentally challenged and they attended a specialized yoga class upon receiving the mats. Yoga is great for mind and body. It is one of the most ancient forms of exercise adapted from the Eastern cultures. Yoga has received trending popularity in the Western countries in modern times. Many board certified physicians highly recommend this form of exercise.

North American Spine can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Skout Has Brought Me Joy, As Well As New Friends

When a friend of mine told me about Skout, I had never heard of it, nor was I interested. I would have never thought that things would end up the way they did, because I’m not one to go on to social media. Although social media websites tend to bother me, because it seems as if no one is being honest, I decided that I would give it a try one day when I got bored. It was very rainy outside, and I decided that I was going to stay indoors for the day. I didn’t feel like watching a movie, and I didn’t want to do anything else.

I decided that I would get onto my computer, and I looked at the website that everyone had been raving about. I signed up for an account, and it only took me a few minutes to create a nice profile. I put only one picture in my profile, as I didn’t want too many pictures floating around on the internet, of myself. I began to search for others that may have some the same interests as me, and I was surprised to see that many people liked to go to the gym, as well as there being many dog lovers.

I tried to keep the search to my local area, but I was intrigued to know that Skout was in 180 countries, allowing me to talk with different people from other parts of the world. Although I was very excited to talk to others around the world, I was worried about the language barrier. I decided to talk to people in English-speaking countries at first, and then I would work my way over to other countries, that did not primarily speak English. I had so much fun on Skout the first day, I downloaded the app the next day.

I sat on my phone for hours, playing on Skout, because it was a Saturday, and I actually didn’t go out, like I had planned to, because I was having so much fun. I’ve gotten to meet new people, and I’ve even made some local friends. I purchased Skout points, which I was able to use to send greetings to others, just to let them know that they were in my thoughts. The things that I can do on Skout is almost endless, and there are over 100 million people to meet on the network.

Mom Must Allow Circumcision or Face Jail Time

She did what she thought was best for her son. Or perhaps it was for a some other motive. But if she doesn’t change her mind she will be going to jail.

Heather Hironimus agreed in a written parenting plan that was legally drawn up and signed some years ago, that she would allow her son to be circumcised. When the time came to have the procedure done, Heather Hironimus changed her mind and fled with her young son. If she doesn’t change her mind again, she will go to jail on contempt charges.
Hironimus has stirred the pot with her fight to prevent the circumcision with both with legal venues and with activists groups. A group known as the ‘intactivists’, are opponents of circumcision and say that the practice is barbaric and have taken up Hironimus’ fight as their rally cry.
Sultan Alhokair saidCircuit Judge Jeffrey Gillen has rebuked mother Hironimus for dragging out this battle for most of the young boy’s life and for placing the him in the spot light of the public eye. The same judge has given the mother until Tuesday to show up in court or he will send the police out to find her and place her under arrest.
Dennis Nebus, the father of the young boy, says he has not seen the child since mid-February and is concerned for his well-being.