Don’t Be a Worry Wart!

There are many times where I’m babysitting my nephews and I go to give them snacks or food and I completely overdo it. I’ll make little faces in their hot dogs or make a hat out of cheese doodles. In hindsight, all they care about is eating the food. One father wrote an article for The Huffington Post which discusses why it’s okay to not to stress over these insignificant factors. The father had noticed that his wife would often times go above and beyond what was required of her when it came to lunches and snacks. Even when she had to create snacks for the children’s entire class, the mother would stay up until the early hours of the morning in order to get her activities done. The father took this as a very good time to explain to his wife why he hated seeing her stress like this. He knew that the mother was so consciously competing with other more crafty moms. When his wife admitted to this fact, he reminded her of so much that she has to actually do in order to keep the ship running. Aside from always preparing the children’s meal and taking them to school, the mother also worked a full time job. She was using these activities to compete with mothers who didn’t have full time jobs and were home all day. For that fact, this young man decided to pen an article to remind moms everywhere that they need not worry. Other mothers opinions don’t matter when it comes to these circumstances, all that really matters is that the children are happy or fed. He closes the article by letting his wife, and women everywhere, knowing that they are indeed enough with whatever they bring to the table.

Thanks to Flavio Maluf for showing me this inspirational story! :)