The Healthy Pet Food Market

As humans we are educated to shop smart for our food, sticking to non-processed, fresh and healthy options. When it comes to our pets, we should make the same choices for them. Purchasing those incredibly cheap, grocery-shelf canned foods just isn’t the healthiest option even though it might be affordable. The dog food we choose for our beloved pet will determine how healthy they are and how long of a life they live, hopefully free of disease and health concerns. At dog food manufacturing companies such as Beneful, Freshpet Inc. and Blue Buffalo, refrigerated, healthy pet food is being created using whole foods, real meat and no preservatives. You may have seen Purina Beneful products in the pet food aisle at your local grocery store. Tubes of refrigerated dog food can be purchased and fed to your pet, providing much more nourishing ingredients to your furry children. Full of flavor, protein, real vegetables and fruit, gourmet dog and pet food is exploding on the $23.7 billion pet food market. While these gourmet foods tend to be a bit more expensive than the unrefrigerated, canned variety, pet owners feel better knowing what is in the food they are feeding their pet and knowing that it is safe and healthy for them. In addition to grain free pet food and chemical free kibble, Beneful and other dog food brands are dedicating themselves to using only the highest quality ingredients around. These foods are so healthy and so good, you could consider putting them on your own dinner table; if you really wanted to. A variety of different gourmet pet foods are available in order to better tailor your pet’s diet to their physical needs. Puppies have different nutritional requirements than senior dogs do and there are dogs who need to focus on weight management more than others. These Beneful gourmet food brands are not only healthy, but they are providing healthy options to all breeds and types of animals. Products will only get better as more developments are made and new recipes are designed. With flavors like lasagna and beef stroganoff, your dog will soon enjoy the types of foods you are having, but safely.