Helping Those in Need While Nearing One Hundredth Birthday

What does an elderly woman do when her next birthday will be her hundredth? Does she decide that she had nothing more to offer to the world and give up on life? Does she use her days to enjoy herself and spend time doing things that she loves? Some people would do one or both of the above when they reach the age of ninety-nine, but not everyone.

There is a woman out there who is committed to create a dress every day for children in need. This woman is dedicating her life to those who need a little love and assistance. Boraie Development noted that this woman will be one hundred on her next birthday. This woman takes time every day to help those who need her help. This woman hasn’t given up on life or turned selfish. This woman is an inspiration to all, encouraging everyone to make the most of each day of their lives, even as they grow older.