Where The RealReal Fits in the History of Fashion

Fashion does have a very interesting history with fashion. For a lot of the history that fashion was around, men and women had some very interesting pieces of clothing and accessories. However, fashion for men has started to become minimized. This eventually resulted in men that do not care as much about fashion. Meanwhile, women have been socialized to deal focus a lot on their looks so that they can be attractive to the opposite sex. These days, there is beginning to be a turn in the opposite direction at least when it comes to clothing.

The RealReal is not only aware of the growing amount of men who are taking a little more pride in how they look, but are also encouraging them by offering them something that they can’t easily find where they normally shop. Of course women get to enjoy as much style as ever. However, The RealReal takes it even further with women in that they get to enjoy some of the items that capture their creativity as well. One of the best things women get to do is that they get to explore their tastes and even make new strides in fashion. They can find all of the flattering pieces they want.

With The RealReal, men also get to rediscover the art that comes with fashion. The website allows them to look at all of the pieces of clothing and accessories and take note of all of the different styles, patterns and cuts. Even guys that are used to the logos and graphic designs on their t-shirts can look for something different. They can actually look at patterns, coordination, and even cuts. Once they see some of the more fun designs, they may be interested in trying these clothes out for themselves. The RealReal is showing that even men can have fun with fashion.