The Pet Owner Needs to Take Dog Health Seriously

When someone decides that they would like to welcome a dog into their family, too often that individual does not realize the responsibility that goes into such a decision. Those that decide that a dog would be fun to own don’t realize that they need to put work into the owning of their pet. Too often individuals take a pet into their home without being willing to make the kind of commitment that the pet needs. A dog needs love, Beneful and attention from his or her owner, and that dog needs an owner who is willing to look out for their health.

A dog’s health rests in the hands of the dog’s owner, and that owner needs to be ready for the job. The one who decides that they are going to have a dog in their home needs to take the time to research all that they need to do in order to make sure that their dog stays in top health. A dog needs to be treated right, and the owner is responsible for making sure that that happens. A dog needs love and attention in order to stay emotionally healthy. Those that commit to a dog need to be willing to give that dog the kind of love and attention that is needed. A dog needs to be fed when he or she is hungry, and the food that they are given needs to be top quality. A dog needs to get exercise, and it is the responsibility of the dog owner to make sure that he or she gets the exercise that is right for them.

The owner of a dog needs to take the time to figure out which food is right for that dog and which food will keep that dog at his or her best. The food that is given to a dog needs to be right for that dog. Beneful offers dog food options that can be part of a healthy lifestyle for a dog. When a dog owner is looking for a brand that offers some dog food options that could be right for their pet, they can find what they are looking for in Beneful. The pet owner needs to look out for the health of their dog, they need to do all that the dog needs, and buying good dog food is one of the tasks that they must accomplish.

What Makes a Dog Food Brand Great

There are so many different dog food options out there that pet owners can choose from, and those who are buying dog food need to know just which brand they should be buying from. Those who are looking to purchase dog food from a specific brand need to know if the brand that they are considering is a good option. Those who are buying food for their dog and want to know that the food that they buy will support the health of that dog need to know if the brand that they are considering is going to be one that will be good for their pet.

What is it that can make or break a dog food brand? What should individuals look for when they are trying to choose a brand that is great and that knows what it is doing? The brands that produce dog food should know what they are doing. The brands that put out food for dogs should be able to make food that is tasty and healthy. It is important that the companies that attempt to make dog food know what they are doing, and that they try to do what is right. The brands that make dog food need to try to make food that is good for the dog. If a dog food brand is going to succeed, if that brand is going to be great, then that brand needs to try hard and they need to know just what they are supposed to be doing.

Beneful is one of the great dog food brands that are out there. This brand knows about dogs and their needs, and this brand knows how to create the kind of food that will meet the needs of those dogs. There are a variety of brands that are available, and Beneful is one that looks out for all dogs. This is a brand that pet owners can trust when they are seeking the right brand. Beneful has the experience and the knowledge that is needed to produce food that is high in quality. This brand comes out with great stuff, and they should be labeled a great brand.

Baby Powder And Cancer Risks

Baby powder has been around for many years now and it is a common item that is found in most households whether you have a baby or not. It has been used to keep diaper rash away in babies and adults even use it to stay fresh under their arms or to sprinkle some through their hair to soak up excess oil. Some recent studies have determined that this baby powder is actually not as beneficial or safe as it may seem. Baby powder comes in many different varieties and from many different brands, with Johnson and Johnson being the most common. Unfortunately, these products are creating a 33 percent increase in potential cancers like ovarian cancer when used on a daily basis.

Dr. Daniel Cramer, and epidemiologist, believes that there are at least 10,000 known cases of women developing ovarian cancer as a direct result from using baby powder each day. These studies have shown this risk as early as 1982. The product has remained on store shelves since then. Talc based powders are the issue and women who use these products are 300 times more likely to develop cancer. While Johnson and Johnson have been asked to address this issue they have not yet commented on this issue and have not changed their product line. Luckily, there are many new, more organic products on the market that are safer and include better ingredients mentions Ray Lane (more info at

Many Dollar Store Products Are Unsafe

The old saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” can apply to many offers that look better than they can possibly be. Now, it looks as though it may apply to the neighborhood dollar store. For many of us in the current economy, doing a fair percentage of our shopping at a dollar store is not an option. They may be the only low cost shopping option available in some areas. As reported in, a lot of the products on the shelves in these stores may be too good to be true. It turns out that many of them contain unsafe levels of chemicals or other toxins that are associated with adverse health consequences.

Pragmatic individuals would argue that people should know that “you get what you pay for,” as that other popular saying states. When you are buying a bottle of shampoo for one dollar, do you really believe you are getting quality ingredients? As some critics would point out, such as the natural-living experts at Amen Clinics, there is a world of difference between lower quality ingredients and downright dangerous ingredients. There are those who argue that the government is supposed to be protecting us from the latter. They seem to be falling down on the job since this information was brought to light by a non-governmental organization known as HealthyStuff. It is good to see that there are still some consumer advocates out there to pick up the slack when other watch dogs fail.

Keeping Children from Getting Sick

There could be almost 200 children with measles after a woman was in an urgent care facility in Phoenix. She is the second person in Arizona who has been confirmed as having measles. The disease has spread ever since a family went to Disneyland in California. If this many children being exposed to measles isn’t enough for parents to wake up and see that their children need to be vaccinated, then there probably isn’t a lot that will shake parents up about vaccinations. There are parents who are probably concerned about the side effects of vaccines, so they don’t let their children get the immunizations that they need that can help prevent illnesses like measles. Sergio Andrade Guierrez understands that this should be some type of neglect, especially if the child contracts a disease that could have been prevented. Immunizations should be something mandatory. Some vaccinations might not be necessary, but the ones for the general health of the person should be required.

Kids Walking Alone

Some parents let their children go hungry and without any clothes. There are also some parents who don’t provide the physical care for their children. One couple is being investigated because they let their children walk home alone from a park. The walk was only about a mile, but the children are young in age. Even if the children are responsible, Lee G. Lovett strongly agrees parents shouldn’t let them walk home alone from anywhere due to not knowing who might be wandering around the area. Theinvestigation is a good decision. Even if the parents were driving a car near the children, something could have happened to them, and the parents might not have had the time to stop it from happening. There are many people who you can trust when it comes to kids today, but there are just as many people who you can’t trust, and if something would have happened to these children, then it would have made the investigation turn into something worse.

A Connecticut Teen With Cancer Is Forced To Have Chemotherapy

According to BuzzFeed News, a Connecticut teen whom state authorities are forcing to have chemotherapy will be taking the matter to the state’s Supreme Court. 17 year old “Cassandra C.” received a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in September of last year, according to court documents. The Mayo Clinic reports that this disease is rarer than the other form of cancer that transpires in the lymphatic system (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma).

According to the Hartford Courant, Cassandra has an 80%-85% survival chance if she opts to complete the chemotherapy treatments. However, Cassandra chose not to receive treatment following her diagnosis. In commenting on her daughter’s decision, mother Jackie Fortin informed the Hartford Courant that Cassandra’s choice did not result from religious motivations. Fortin also stated that she did not play a role in influencing the decision. In supporting her daughter, Fortin noted “It’s her constitutional right — she doesn’t want poison and toxins put in her body. It’s her choice, and I support her decision.”

Non-Medical Ultrasounds May Harm Baby and Mother-to-Be

The first picture of your baby. How exciting! And if the baby is still in the womb at the time the image is made, even better. It’s unique, it’s precious, it’s a way of announcing your pregnancy and it may also harm your baby and/or you.

The FDA has issued yet another warning against having an ultrasound done by a non-medical professional who promotes these first baby images as ‘keepsakes’. These non-medical professionals can be found in malls, baby products stores and other public locations where expectant mothers may be found, but mothers-to-be should heed the FDA warning and avoid them.

Ultrasound machines use waves to produce images of your unborn baby. Andrew Heiberger feels they are a safe and useful tool when used by the hand of a professional, but potentially harmful when used by a Johnny-come-lately at the local mall.

Ultrasound tools can and do produce a small amount of heat that can heat tissue up and create small bubbles in some tissues. Tissues of your developing baby. Tissues surrounding your baby. When the ultrasound machine is in the hand of an untrained person, the tendency is to make the session last too long or too require more than one session and the longer and more frequent the ultrasounds are administered, the great the risk of harm to the unborn baby and/or mother.

Baby Born on Sequential Birth Day Is a Miracle for Parents

Kristi and Bryan Caruthers, residents of Asheville, North Carolina, have a lot to celebrate this Christmas. Not only are they overjoyed to bring home a healthy baby boy, named Callum, but he has a very special birthday according to Dr. Daniel Amen. 

Callum, who was born in Johnson City, Tennessee, was born at 10:11 on December 13th, 2014. The chance to be born on a sequential birthday won’t come around again anytime soon. Callum is also special because he was born after several losses, and an infertility roller coaster. 

Last June, the proud parents lost twins who were born at just 22 weeks gestation. They feared they’d never be able to have a child on their own. In fact, they were told surrogacy or adoption were their best options for a healthy child. Kristi became pregnant shortly after losing their twins, and thankfully, Callum was delivered safely and right on time for Christmas. Callum, and his mother Kristi are both healthy, happy and doing well. 

He, while having a very special birthday, also shares it with several others. Three babies, born in three different states, were also born at 10:11 on 12-13-14.

Bullying Prematurely Ages Children

Countless hours and funds are spent to prevent premature aging of the skin so we can appear to be younger than our chronological age, but very few cents have been spent to stop bullying and child abuse which has now been shown to cause children to age prematurely and die younger than they would have under normal life circumstances. This story was passed along to me by friend Bruce Levenson.
A new study has revealed that along with all the other physical and developmental harm that bullying and abuse does to a child, it also causes the child to age more quickly on a cellular level than children who are not exposed to violent acts and words on a regular basis.
Since bullied and abused children start off ‘older’ than their peers, the liklihood of them dying before their peers is increased as well. The stress of the bullying harms internal cells which in turn lead to increased risks of the child developing health problems, like heart disease or diabetes, at an earlier age and not being able to keep the disease(s) under control because of the accelerated biological aging brought on by the stress of being subjected to regular bouts of bullying and/or abuse.