Parents are getting cheap WIFI with FreedomPop

The first of the month is comin’ round the corner and you know what that means: bills. Bills for water, bills for gas… the only bills I don’t have are the dollar kind in my wallet. If you (like many parents) are looking for ways to cut back on expenses, it’s time to look for alternatives. Instead of spending too much on organic produce to cook your kids healthy meals, look into your local CSAs that provide fresh produce for a fraction of the cost. If you’re tired of high electric bills, maybe turn that thermostat down a bit, clean out the chimney, and remind your family of the old fashioned way to keep warm in the winter by lighting a fire. If you’re tired of sky-high wireless and mobile bills, maybe it’s time you check out alternative data companies like FreedomPop over the monopolies like ComCast and Time Warner.

FreedomPop is a business that is based on telecommunications and boasts free wireless internet and mobile phone services. The company itself is based in Los Angeles, California.

FreedomPop was first founded in 2011 when Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar came together to try a new entertainment business. Stokols was originally the CEO of another company called Woo Media before the two created and co-created FreedomPop. After the creation of the company, FreedomPop has first shared a partnership with another company called Lightsquared, but sadly had to end it once it was found that Lightsquared didn’t receive approval to build a network from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Despite the ending of the partnership, FreedomPop continued to go about its business and first began to build by selling smartphones in 2012. Once this had happened the company was able to gain some users by allowing them to become paid users, which began to steadily increase towards the end of 2012 when the company began offering mobile and wireless internet services using a Clearwire network.

With the success of adding more paid users to its network, FreedomPop continued to grow when it announced that the company was partnering with Sprint in April of 2013 to expand its coverage. The company then began launching their own free mobile phone plan and a year later in 2014, they began offering a free 4G data and voice plan, including with Samsung and the iPad mini. 

As of the last quarter of 2014, however, Sprint is negotiating to try and buy FreedomPop, which would be a gain of $250 million at the very least. At the start of 2015, FreedomPop has also began launching an unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot service that will allow it to expand its customer base to around 120 million people. This is all due to the fact that “hotspots” today are an increasing occurrence in fast food restaurants and coffee shops all across the country. Stokols himself has gone on to suggest that the reason the company is making this move is because people want to dodge paying extra money for their data plans, a move that will likely attract over one million new customers by the end of the year.

As you may of read on the Wall Street Journal, FreedomPop is also offering $5 monthly WIFI access. Read more about it here on the WSJ blog.

If you’re interested in FreedomPop, check it out first on Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play. Do any of my readers already use FreedomPop? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.