Michigan Couple Welcomes Their 13th Baby Boy

A Michigan couple with 12 sons just welcomed baby boy number 13 to their family. Kateri and Jay Schwandt welcomed the baby boy on May 13. They certainly cover the spectrum when it comes to age. Their oldest son Tyler is 21-years-old. The youngest boy before they welcomed their newest addition was is just 2-years-old.


Folks at Anastasia Date are happy to learn that Kateri gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She and her husband are both 40-years-old. Kateri said that they have made it a tradition not to find out the sex of the baby before having it. They have done that all 12 times previously, so nothing was going to change this time around. When asked, Kateri said she really was not shocked she had another boy. However, if it would’ve been a girl they would not have believed it.


The statistical odds of giving birth to 13 boys consistently are approximately 1 in 8,000. Family and friends of the Scwandt’s are equally as surprised that they have had 13 boys in a row but are thankful for each and every one of them.


In case you are wondering, the family is of Roman Catholic religion and does not believe in using any form of birth control. This explains why they have so many children. When asked how Kateri felt about her family dynamic, she stated that she could not be happier. She comes from a big family herself as one of 14 children.


Ten-Year-Old Gets Award For Standing Up to Bullies

Dominic Zaffino,10, from Hatfield, Pennsylvania was presented with a medal of courage for standing to bullying. He was cyber bullied on social media, and he handled the situation with grace. Dominic went on Instagram to call out the bullies. The 10-year-old was being bullied because of his size. He told that his short stature was due to chemotherapy. He told them it was better to be short than dead and a person didn’t have to be tall to be a winner. The fifth grader believes it was God’s will to slow down his growth, so he could concentrate on becoming the best person he could.
Dr. Claudio Cerullo founded an organization called Teach Anti Bullying Inc in 2011 because he was concerned with the growing problem of school violence and bullying. Dr. Cerullo was bullied in middle school and through high school. The former secondary principal Susan McGalla, is intent on teaching anti-bullying to young children by writing children’s’ books on the issues. He is concerned with bullying done to able bodied and disabled students. Dr. Cerullo has a guide that teachers and parents can get online. In 2011, Dr. Cerullo created an anti- bullying film to teachers of elementary, middle, and high school levels. One of the things Cerullo recommends is an anti-bullying club. According to data over 5.7 million children in school are involved in bullying, as a victim, or bully.

Do Teachers Tell Little White Lies?

Teachers are the gateway into the next generation, and they get that position by telling their students things like, “You can be anything you want to be when you grow up,” and for the most part, they are right. But, maybe the child is thinking he/she wants to be a dinosaur, and they obviously can’t be that, so they really can’t be “everything” they want to be. Here are 9 other white lies a teacher might tell her students.

1. Beware, like your mother, I have eyes in the back of my head.
2. The principal has eyes all around his head, so he is always watching.
3. Once more and I’ll send you to the principal’s office, and it will go on your permanent record.
4. This isn’t busy work!
5. Teachers never talk about their class.
6. If you’re not quiet, we won’t go out for recess; which I will never skip because it’s my quiet time.
7. Substitutes are fantastic, but I always have to play catch-up when I get back.
8. I don’t have a husband/wife/kids or dog. Let’s leave them out of this.
9. Cursive is very important to learn. (I wonder if she knows there’s an app for that.)

Anastasia Date employees agree technology has overtaken society, but teachers still have to remain one step ahead of their class. Thank a teacher today, and congratulate her on the white lies she will tell to educate your children.

Parents Demand Less Testing and More Teaching


The Common Core Standards testing puts in place to evaluate student progress and competitiveness on a federal level have caused an increase of testing to an average of 113 tests for every K-12 student over the course of their education when combined with state and local assessments.

Federal law requires annual testing of students from grade 3 through 8 and once in high school, a total of 7 tests. State and local testing has increased the testing volume past the point of tolerance causing parents and teachers to begin boycotting mandatory testing.

Testing results are used for teacher evaluations, school report cards and high school graduation requirements. Opponents like Bruce Karatz say the volume of testing is causing kids to miss out on real learning.

The methods used by colleges and universities for accreditation uses facility visits, in-depth analysis and action plans which are assessment processes that do not take students away from classroom learning.

Student achievement is a national concern, so it does beg the question: Why are we giving student and school system evaluation priority over real education?

Dr Rod Rohrich

Parenting takes a toll on the body and some parents want to look and feel younger again turning to plastic surgery. If you decide to take this leap its important to seek out a qualified professional.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is originally from North Dakota where he received both his undergraduate and postgraduate from local universities (North Dakota State and University of North Dakota, respectively). From there though, he has gone on to much larger things as he has become one of the leading medical physicians regarding plastic surgery for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. He now stands as both professor and chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery for the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, located in Dallas. Now, this sort of a transformation did not happen overnight, as he has gone through many stages in his professional career in order to reach this particular moment in his life.

After receiving his postgraduate from University of North Dakota, Rod moved to Texas in order to receive his medical degree, studying at Baylor College of Medicine, which he eventually graduated with honors. From there, he went on to do his residencies at the University of Michigan Medical Center, widely known as one of the most important clinical hospitals in the entire country, he eventually received additional training regarding pediatric plastic surgery in England at Oxford University.

Upon returning home to the United States, Dr. Rod Rohrich went on to perform a fellowship on hand and microvascular systems at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. After completing this aspect of his continual education, he eventually joined up with the division of Plastic Surgery at the UTSW in 1986.

Dr. Rod moved up to become Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery five years later in 1991 and has since gone on to perform and study an assortment of different practices in plastic surgery, writing papers regarding facial fracture repair and the concepts of rhinoplasty. He also has studied thee affects of body contouring through surgery and liposuction, in addition to the impact of injectable fillers, patient safety initiatives and breast surgery as well. With his knowledge and expertise on the subject, he has gone out and presented on the subject matter over 900 times now in addition to either sole or coauthoring over 300 publications, over 30 different textbook chapters regarding plastic surgery and he has also penned four different plastic surgery textbooks and monographs as well, making him one of the leading doctors looking to educate other doctors on the very principles of cosmetic plastic surgery and also the impact it has on necessary repair.

Kids Walking Alone

Some parents let their children go hungry and without any clothes. There are also some parents who don’t provide the physical care for their children. One couple is being investigated because they let their children walk home alone from a park. The walk was only about a mile, but the children are young in age. Even if the children are responsible, Lee G. Lovett strongly agrees parents shouldn’t let them walk home alone from anywhere due to not knowing who might be wandering around the area. Theinvestigation is a good decision. Even if the parents were driving a car near the children, something could have happened to them, and the parents might not have had the time to stop it from happening. There are many people who you can trust when it comes to kids today, but there are just as many people who you can’t trust, and if something would have happened to these children, then it would have made the investigation turn into something worse.

A Connecticut Teen With Cancer Is Forced To Have Chemotherapy

According to BuzzFeed News, a Connecticut teen whom state authorities are forcing to have chemotherapy will be taking the matter to the state’s Supreme Court. 17 year old “Cassandra C.” received a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in September of last year, according to court documents. The Mayo Clinic reports that this disease is rarer than the other form of cancer that transpires in the lymphatic system (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma).

According to the Hartford Courant, Cassandra has an 80%-85% survival chance if she opts to complete the chemotherapy treatments. However, Cassandra chose not to receive treatment following her diagnosis. In commenting on her daughter’s decision, mother Jackie Fortin informed the Hartford Courant that Cassandra’s choice did not result from religious motivations. Fortin also stated that she did not play a role in influencing the decision. In supporting her daughter, Fortin noted “It’s her constitutional right — she doesn’t want poison and toxins put in her body. It’s her choice, and I support her decision.”

NYC Seeks to Immunize Pre-Schoolers from the Flu


Outbreaks of the flu have certainly alarmed parents all across the U.S.A. While the flu is usually just a minor cold that eventually runs its course, people have suffered immensely from the effects of a really bad case of this seemingly minor condition. Sadly, some have suffered from fatalities because they were not able to fight off the ravages of influenza.

And Lee G. Lovett says New York City is not taking any chances. The municipality is requiring pre-schoolers undergo flu shots before heading into the classroom. This not only protects them, but also their fellow classmates who could be exposed to the contagious cold.

Right now, there are about 150,000 children in pre-schools throughout New York City. A handful of children carrying the fly bug could easily spread it to others. Remember, the immune system of young ones is usually not very strong. As such, the flu spreads quickly and can have a terrible effect on those who are not strong enough to fight it off.

Issuing a mandate definitely spikes the numbers of children who will be immunized. In previous years, far fewer pre-school children in New York City underwent immunizations in comparison to other regions.

No major flu epidemic has stricken the NYC pre-school system and the hope is, as long as the mandate is in effect, an epidemic is not very like to happen. Parents should still bundle their young ones up and take precautions though.

Punishment Might Not Help Kids to Speak the Truth

According a recent study, it was found that parents who do not want their children to lie, should then not be threatened with punishment. Dr Victoria Talwar and team Qnet, from McGill University conducted a simple experiment on 372 children to check if their natural tendency is to lie.They set up a room with a camera. When the child was brought into the room, he or she was told about the existence of a toy behind them on a table and that they were not allowed to peek in their absence. When the adult left the room for 1 minute, scientists discovered that nearly 68 per cent of the children took a peek and surprisingly 67 per cent of them chose to lie about it.Dr Talwar said, “The bottom line is that punishment does not promote truth-telling. In fact, the threat of punishment can have the reverse effect by reducing the likelihood that children will tell the truth when encouraged to do so.” Therefore, it would seem like quite a few of the traditional forms of punishment are not actually that effective.

Interestingly as the children got older, the study showed that they were more focused towards telling the truth. This was because older children seemed to have a better since of right and wrong and better standards of internalized behavior which prompted to do the right thing.

Hush Little Baby

The soothing sound of your mother’s voice when you were a child and upset is something everyone remembers. Her voice made everything better even if it seemed like it was the end of the world.

The gift of hearing was given to Ryan Aprea, a beautiful 2-year-old who was born at 25 weeks deaf. This lovable toddler was given a cochlear implant in hopes to aid him in hearing his mother’s voice for the first time. Good fortune came to this babe as he squealed in delight and laughed after hearing his mother speak for the first time. Ryan’s mother is overtaken with joy and reports that now with the implant, Ryan is responding more and making eye contact.

Over 65,000 people all of the world heard this little cherub giggle in delight. Needless to say, this is an excellent Christmas present for this family. Thanks for sending over this heartwarming story Bernardo Chua!