Parents Save Sick Child’s Birthday Party

A 10-year old girl named Mackenzie Moretter has a rare disease called Sotos syndrome. The young girl is from a small town in Minnesota. Mackenzie’s condition has caused her to develop improperly, and this has ruined her social life. The young girl’s birthday was on April 18th, and she invited a few girls to her party. No one showed up to Mackenzie Moretter’s party, and she was left all alone. Mackenzie’s mom and dad were devastated to see what their daughter was going through. Her parents took action, and they sent out party invitations on Facebook.

Mackenzie’s mom was shocked to see that hundreds of Facebook users had replied to the invitations. Several news stations also showed up to Mackenzie’s party. Mackenzie was absolutely amazed when she heard that hundreds of people were coming to her birthday party. Mackenzie received a mountain of presents from her new friends. FersenĀ  said that people donated money and presents to the young girl. Mackenzie’s birthday became a huge deal, and the whole world has since wished her a happy birthday. Mackenzie also met many kids with the same condition as her. Mackenzie’s parents are so happy to see that she has made so many new friends. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.