Skout Has Brought Me Joy, As Well As New Friends

When a friend of mine told me about Skout, I had never heard of it, nor was I interested. I would have never thought that things would end up the way they did, because I’m not one to go on to social media. Although social media websites tend to bother me, because it seems as if no one is being honest, I decided that I would give it a try one day when I got bored. It was very rainy outside, and I decided that I was going to stay indoors for the day. I didn’t feel like watching a movie, and I didn’t want to do anything else.

I decided that I would get onto my computer, and I looked at the website that everyone had been raving about. I signed up for an account, and it only took me a few minutes to create a nice profile. I put only one picture in my profile, as I didn’t want too many pictures floating around on the internet, of myself. I began to search for others that may have some the same interests as me, and I was surprised to see that many people liked to go to the gym, as well as there being many dog lovers.

I tried to keep the search to my local area, but I was intrigued to know that Skout was in 180 countries, allowing me to talk with different people from other parts of the world. Although I was very excited to talk to others around the world, I was worried about the language barrier. I decided to talk to people in English-speaking countries at first, and then I would work my way over to other countries, that did not primarily speak English. I had so much fun on Skout the first day, I downloaded the app the next day.

I sat on my phone for hours, playing on Skout, because it was a Saturday, and I actually didn’t go out, like I had planned to, because I was having so much fun. I’ve gotten to meet new people, and I’ve even made some local friends. I purchased Skout points, which I was able to use to send greetings to others, just to let them know that they were in my thoughts. The things that I can do on Skout is almost endless, and there are over 100 million people to meet on the network.

Dr Rod Rohrich

Parenting takes a toll on the body and some parents want to look and feel younger again turning to plastic surgery. If you decide to take this leap its important to seek out a qualified professional.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is originally from North Dakota where he received both his undergraduate and postgraduate from local universities (North Dakota State and University of North Dakota, respectively). From there though, he has gone on to much larger things as he has become one of the leading medical physicians regarding plastic surgery for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. He now stands as both professor and chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery for the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, located in Dallas. Now, this sort of a transformation did not happen overnight, as he has gone through many stages in his professional career in order to reach this particular moment in his life.

After receiving his postgraduate from University of North Dakota, Rod moved to Texas in order to receive his medical degree, studying at Baylor College of Medicine, which he eventually graduated with honors. From there, he went on to do his residencies at the University of Michigan Medical Center, widely known as one of the most important clinical hospitals in the entire country, he eventually received additional training regarding pediatric plastic surgery in England at Oxford University.

Upon returning home to the United States, Dr. Rod Rohrich went on to perform a fellowship on hand and microvascular systems at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. After completing this aspect of his continual education, he eventually joined up with the division of Plastic Surgery at the UTSW in 1986.

Dr. Rod moved up to become Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery five years later in 1991 and has since gone on to perform and study an assortment of different practices in plastic surgery, writing papers regarding facial fracture repair and the concepts of rhinoplasty. He also has studied thee affects of body contouring through surgery and liposuction, in addition to the impact of injectable fillers, patient safety initiatives and breast surgery as well. With his knowledge and expertise on the subject, he has gone out and presented on the subject matter over 900 times now in addition to either sole or coauthoring over 300 publications, over 30 different textbook chapters regarding plastic surgery and he has also penned four different plastic surgery textbooks and monographs as well, making him one of the leading doctors looking to educate other doctors on the very principles of cosmetic plastic surgery and also the impact it has on necessary repair.

How Mark Ahn Has Contributed to Important Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer Research

While many who work in biotechnology or who are actively involved in life sciences in the world of academics are well aware of who Mark Ahn is, those who are outside of these communities in the public and private sector are not aware of the incredible contributions he has made to his field. Ahn is a highly accomplished biotechnology professional and academic, and his efforts in both the public and private sectors have been integral in transforming the industry. One of the many areas that he has achieved great success relates to the area of breast cancer research. 

The Professional Life of Mark Ahn

Ahn is a highly educated biotechnology professional, and he also has more than two decades of professional work experience in high-level positions. His education includes degrees earned at schools like the University of South Australia, Chaminade University, Aspen Institute and other reputable schools. He also has worked in high level positions, including as president or CEO in some cases, at companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Hana Biosciences, Genentech, Amgen and others. At each of these and other companies, his efforts have resulted in excellent research and innovations. Notably, at Galena Biopharma he played a role in research and clinical studies in the area of breast cancer research. 

A Closer Look at Breast Cancer Research 

Galena received a grant from the Department of Defense that providing a significant amount of funding for a clinical trial on breast cancer medication. The trial was in conjunction with NeuVax, and it focused on preventing the development of breast cancer in high risk patients. The funding provided for expanded research based on what was already taking place. In addition, he worked to secure a patent in the United States for the NeuVax breast cancer prevention medication that was being developed at the time. The studies and research are going well, and this is a medication that has the potential to save many lives going forward. 

In a biotechnology firm that conducts research and that completes clinical studies, it generally is the work of a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who work collaboratively to bring about change. However, with a lead role in the company and with a proven desire to change the world through his efforts in all of his public and private roles over the course of his career, it is clear that Ahn will continue to be instrumental in the area of breast cancer research and other areas that he is currently focusing his efforts on.