Vijay Eswaran Inspires Countless People

Vijay Eswaran has cut a wide swath as a motivational speaker. The visionary behind QI Group is happy to pass along the secrets of his success and experiences great satisfaction in so doing. Recently he sat down for a Q&A session and some of his answers are quite revealing regarding a success-oriented mindset.

One important facet of Eswaran’s guiding light is determination. He lives by it and urges others in the pursuit of fulfillment and success to adopt his framework which has propelled him to the highest level of achievement.

He’s a very effective speaker when he reminds people that perseverance is something that anyone can summon up. Part of his brilliance as a speaker is his ability to take a simple concept like perseverance or determination and show the inexperienced or those who are struggling what a great difference it can make.

He provides another excellent piece of insight when he teaches that each person has a different path to success. Everyone’s “recipe” will be unique unto themselves. There are no clones in real life and accomplishment is about failing and learning and plunging forward in the wake of adversity. Vijay Eswaran also maintains a realistic demeanor when speaking of success. The path of success is rarely easy and is usually filled with setbacks, failures, and relaunches.

Another valuable nugget of wisdom entails the notion that one must get started before serendipity or providence or fate can come to your aid.

Eswaran again provides sage advice when he relates that the right time and place will never come unless one moves out of the starting blocks. Vijay Eswaran also highlights the difference between wishes and action. Success is impervious to wishes and only responds to actions.

Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder of the QI Group which has been wildly successful in e-commerce since 1998. They are broadly diversified into many categories such as retail and direct sales, telecommunications, lifestyle and leisure, luxury and collectibles, education, training and conference management, property development and logistics.

The QI Group has inspired many and provides quality products and services across Asia. He is also an accomplished author and humanitarian with his philanthropic endeavors.

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