Lime Crime Vibrant Makeup

What girl does not love makeup? You can use makeup to create so many different looks. There are so many different shades of cosmetics that the world offer. The issue is there are not too many makeup company that specialize in incredibly vibrant colors. This is where the company Lime Crime come in handy.

Lime Crime is a makeup brand that was founded by Doe Deere. If you are looking for makeup that will make up stand out in the crowd, then Lime Crime is the makeup brand for you. There velvetines liquid to matte lipsticks are just fantastic. They are highly pigmented and last for hours. All of their lipsticks are an array of beautiful vibrant colors. If you have a love for all things shiny and sparkly, then you will love Lime Crime Carousel lip gloss. It is the perfect lip gloss for the girly girl. Their Unicorn lipstick is the most vibrant pigmented item the makeup brand offer. Wearing that lipstick, you would most certainly be a standout.

Over the last few years, nails have become as important as important as the rest of the makeup. Lime Crime supplies a lovely array of cool vibrant colors. Their nail colors are perfect when you are out on a beautiful summer beach day. When you are doing makeup, you can not forget about the eye shadow. Lime Crime offers a variety of eye shadows. They have eye shows that are beautifully soft shade, which would be a perfect balance of their intensify pigmented lipsticks. Do you love to wear stones that represent the color of your sign? Well, Lime Crime offers beautiful sparkly glitter that represent each zodiac sign. The cool thing with this is that you can use the glitter as lipstick, eye shadow, or as a topper on your nails. Also, all of the makeup on Lime Crime is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

It is always fun to wear makeup. It is amazing that makeup can create so many different looks. You can go for an everyday look to a super high fashion look with a stroke of a brush. Lime Crime just take all of that to another level. Once you try their product, everything else in comparison will become boring. Lime Crime is made for the person who is not afraid to be bold with their makeup.If you are someone who enjoy lively makeup and are not afraid to have everyone be in all with your makeup, then Lime Crime is made for you. Pick some up today, you will not be sorry.