Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has worn many hats. Most famously as an Oscar-award winning actor, but he has also been a writer, producer, director, a war correspondent, and an interviewer. He recently put on his writer’s hat, to write and publish his first novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. This dark but hilarious work centers on a man who works a variety of odd jobs like selling septic tanks, setting up firework stands, and helping give aid to immigrant workers. But he also has a much darker side job as a contract killer for the U.S. government.

Critics are divided about it. Some are considering an instant classic work of satire, while many others are saying that it is a very sad effort by an actor making a play at being a serious writer. However, most of the criticism against Penn and his book concerns his commentary therein concerning the #MeToo movement. His book contains a six-page criticism of what he considers a very childish crusade. But Penn does not like it that this seems to be the major thing most critics seem to be highlighting in there reviews. He says this is just one of the many important ideas he communicates in the novel. He says taken as a whole his work is offering a criticism of our rampant superficiality of a culture. He says the book’s conclusion is that we’re either for inclusion or for divisiveness.



But while Penn is clear that his opinions are clear in his book, he says he wants it mostly to be viewed as a work of fiction rather than just an opinion piece. Regardless of any harsh criticism, the book has been hugely popular throughout its lifespan. This was even the case before it was published, all of the released snippets going viral. And it appears the popularity and love for the book are not only remaining but climbing. Time will tell where this work will land in history’s pantheon of literature, will it be recognized as an enduring classic or will it soon be forgotten? Above all else, Penn wants this to be seen as a work of fiction and that it instigates authentic change.