A Series of Successes Underlines What Lies Ahead For Seattle Genetics

In the wake of Blue Jay Capital Management adding Seattle Genetics its share portfolio, it is clear that this Bothell-based drug company is doing well. Right now, this fast-rising drug firm makes an estimated 9% of the vast capital funds company. However, such isn’t just the only pleasant kind of news that is currently leaving both parties smiling.
In what’s highly tipped as an ambitious plan to ensure that it remains among the major cancer research hubs, the company is expanding its drug production travails again. In the typical ‘Seattle Genetics style,’ Adcetris is now being tested against vast types of lymphomas as a way of treating cancer. Although it’s its first commercialized drug, Adcetris testing is in its third phase and focuses on treating Hodgkin lymphoma that had not been previously treated.
The institution’s CEO Clay Siegall was upbeat while expressing his concerns on how massive the results will impact the company. He has every reason to be optimistic as the drug racked up $226 million in the US and Canada with more expected in 2016 thanks to the partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical. The flagship product is simply one of the 12 drugs in the company’s arsenal, meaning that more is indeed expected.
It is also supposed to expand its existing number of employees by 100 in the US and 20 more for its Swiss offices while getting another anti-cancer drug into Phase 3 of clinical tests. The new drug, 33A, is poised to cure acute myeloid leukemia besides the two that treat bladder cancer and an extra one that treats breast cancer.
But, who is responsible for all these extraordinary achievements?
Clay Siegall is the current CEO and the co-founder of this brand having helped since its establishment in 1998. He’s largely the face of this biotechnology brand that is majorly involved in creating and commercializing various therapies for combating cancer. It is his style of leadership and intuition that has helped shape the company into what it is today, although he’s highly experienced in the pharmaceutical industry.
Right now, Seattle Genetics is reaping big in the industry because of him and his unrivaled team. He’s a Ph.D. in Genetics holder from George Washington University. His widespread achievements coupled with some capital raising in the past have ensured that he continues to prosper. With the future looking so bright for this giant drug firm, more of its recent successes won’t be a surprise.