One Woman’s Battle For School Choice

It is difficult to take a political position that is different than the political party of which you are a member. Sometimes people back a position they do not agree with simply because it is what the majority of their party believes in. That is not the case with Eva Moskowitz though. She will stand by what she believes in no matter what.


The battle that Eva Moskowitz has decided to take on is that of school choice. She wants to see charter schools going up, and she wants parents to have the ability to send their children to any school that they see fit. She has gained a fair amount of both supporters and detractors by taking this position.


Eva Moskowitz can and will take meetings with people from the Republican Party. She herself is a registered Democrat and voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election. However, party politics matter a lot less to Eva Moskowitz than does seeing her dream of charter schools become a reality.


She has already had some success with some of the charter schools she has worked on. Take Success Academy as an example. She worked on that school, and the results were amazing. In fact, she has touted that particular school as something that the nation can look to as a model of what charter schools can really be. She hopes that people really will point to that school and realize just how possible it is to have those types of results all throughout the country.


Eva Moskowitz is not afraid to take some heat from those within her own political party if it means getting the solutions she seeks. She has already proven that her methods work, and that is what matters to her. The rest of the arguments that people make are primarily political and not practical.