Dr. Clay Siegall:Of the Cancer Research Community

Dr. Clay Siegall, the co-founder of Seattle Genetics,is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics. In January of 2014 Dr. Siegall joined Ultragenyx as a board member, according to their website. Ultragenyx is a biopharmaceutical company that researches treatments of ultra-rare diseases. He is on the board of directors at Mirna Therapeutics, as well. Mirna Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on microRNA-based oncology therapeutics.

Fifty-five year old Siegall, received his B.S. degree in zoology from University of Mary. He then received his Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University. He then did a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Health in Maryland. Clay Siegall grew up in the Washington D.C. area. He now considers Seattle home.

Dr. Siegall was in college when his father passed away due to brain cancer. This helped his decision to research better treatments for cancer. He switched his studies from MD to going for his Ph.D.. Watching the treatments his father went through, he knew there had to be better treatments yet to be discovered.

Dr. Siegall is committed to his research. His company Seattle Genetics is ever looking for new ways to treat cancers and other diseases. They are in a shift from medications that treat the cell surface to ones that target the center of the cell. Dr. Siegall lumps treatments into three categories, pharmaceuticals that treat the center of the cell, those that treat the cell surface and those that target the immune system. According to Siegall, they are always looking for the best ways possible to treat cancer in their patients.