Doug Levitt Keeps The Greyhound Diaries on Track

Doug Levitt used to be a communicator situated in London, as a communicated he broadcasted from Iran, London and Bosnia for NBC, ABC and CNN. Levitt is now the founder of the famous Greyhound Diaries. He is a songwriter and also a musician in the US. Doug Levitt attended The Washington DC public schools and after completing his time there he went to Cornell University. He was one of the lucky ones by getting a Fulbright Scholarship, this helped him get to where he is today. Levitt also achieved a master’s degree in Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism from the London School of Economics. This shows how much he wanted to go further to reach for his dreams.

He started the Greyhound Diaries with the objective that it sent a good message through the music in it. This message is passed on to the individuals traveling and who have a difficult life. The success of the Greyhound Diaries is having recorded 10 years on the road traveling and beating an odd of 120,000 kilometers via the Greyhound bus. As a result the travelers will use their stories, songs and images on how it is difficult to get along with life through their message.

The WPA-era projects are behind the exhibition and inspiration of the Greyhound Diaries. They display an entire image of The United states of America by using the Greyhound Diaries. The Greyhound Diaries also have various venues that it showcases its shows. Doug Levitt has helped in seeing the success of this project. The Kennedy Center, homes with no people, the Southern Law Center, colleges and Woody Guthrie Center are some of these venues.

The Greyhound Diaries have also been seen in a couple of TV channels and magazines. These TV Stations are like CNN, Fox News and Reuters. This airing is all about the great stories told by the travelers, they inspire so many people.Moreover the Greyhound Diaries have also been seen in photo exhibits, web series and much more. This current century is full of conflict, therefore part of the objective of the project is to showcase such by using music to display such messages.


The Journey Back To Success Made Easy By Doug Levitt

As with people in any other situation, people who are struggling come in all types. While there are the complacent, there are those that are doing everything they can to make it back to where they are comfortable. There are too many cases where otherwise honest and hardworking individuals are stuck having to give up their way of life. In many cases, it is through no fault of their own. Instead, they have been victims of the actions of others. Then there are cases where things just work out in ways that are unexpected and unfavorable. Many of these people are left to start over.

Fortunately, they don’t have to make the journey all by themselves. There are people that are willing to help in any way that they can. Among these people is Doug Levitt. Doug is a singer and songwriter who has gotten himself involved in the lives of people that are struggling. He has a compassion that comes through in his creativity. He sings with such a passion that could only come from authentic feelings. While he has been really good as an entertainer, he has looked for ways to improve his craft and raise the consciousness of his audience.

Doug Levitt is willing to help people who are struggling. The interesting thing about helping the struggling is that some of them have a very small need. They just need to be heard and listen to in some cases. A lot of people are looking at different things they can do in order to bring themselves out of the mess they are in. Doug has managed to bring forth these stories of people that are keeping up the good fight. One thing that Doug’s book, The Greyhound Diaries is going to show is that there is humanity in the struggle.