The Dedication Of Andrew Rolfe In Transforming Education In South Africa Through The Ubuntu Education Fund

When it comes to nonprofits, restrictive funding or funding with conditions attached does not have any significant impact on the lives of people. According to Jacob Lief, one of the founders of the Ubuntu Education Fund, highly restrictive funding means that while your organization has a large influx of money; these funds will not be able to change the lives of those it helps. This is the reason why the organization’s board leadership led by Andrew Rolfe, decide to focus more on donors who understand the importance of funding without constraints.

As the Board’s Chairman, Andrew Rolfe forwards that the only way a child can gain maximum benefit from their education is if they focus on learning, and are not worried about how it is being funded. Therefore, it becomes necessary for organizations such as the Ubuntu Education Fund to make independent financial decisions. Restrictive funding is an impediment to this because it gives more power to the donors with regards to decision-making and strategic innovation.

For most his career, Andrew Rolfe has been committed to helping the people of South Africa and giving back to their communities through creating an efficient system of education. This is in line with the Ubuntu model that is based on developing a sustainable institution that will focus on the community and impact through depth. This means that the Ubuntu Education Fund is founded on the bringing about enduring changes in the family by investing significantly in the children.

According to Andrew Rolfe, it is important for donors and nonprofits to have discussions on the expectations and power dynamics involved in offering a grant. This will help to avoid any friction that will be generated from conflicting interests.

About the Ubuntu Education Fund

The nonprofit was founded in 1999 by Malizole Gwaxula and Jacob Lief to focus on educational reform in South Africa. The organization is based on the Ubuntu model that aims at availing cradle to career care for children in South Africa.

The organization’s Board of Directors is made up of important business and civil society professionals from South Africa, U.S, and U.K led by Andrew Rolfe. All of these individuals are committed to ensuring that children receive funding without limitations.