Sunscreen to Be Allowed in Schools

Students have not been allowed to bring sunscreen to school for years because it was deemed as a ‘drug’. The product could be applied at home prior to the coming to school, but by the time the students would be going outdoors for recreational time, the product would have lost its effectiveness.
The Senate voted this week to allow sunscreen to be brought to school and used by the students before going outdoors. If the bill passes the students will also be allowed to bring and wear hats and other appropriate garments that will help protect them from sun exposure.
Sunscreen is not a medicine and the use of it by students or faculty can’t be prohibited. The new bills passed the House this past March, but has just now come up before the Senate and was voted for unanimously. The bill does have to return to the House to signed off on before it becomes law, but it’s safe to assume you can send a container of sunscreen for your child to apply before participating in the end-of-the-school year outdoor activities.