Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion Vision

Brandon, Florida native, Bob Reina is fully committed both to his business and to philanthropic giving. And he has managed to make both of these world’s equally great. He credits his daily mantra, “I Will,” for spurring him to great success it these two areas. It is this mindset that keeps him working at his best every single day. His business, which he founded, is called Talk Fusion. He has led the team of TF to make the company a global powerhouse. He has used his high-profile position here to not only give but to inspire other people to give as well.


He says in this way, his philanthropic giving is going even further. Riena is profoundly thankful that he even in a position to be philanthropically influential. More than anything he loves being able to help people who are in need. To this end, he constantly keeps his eyes open for new ways he can give. While he might love the world of philanthropy more, he has always dealt with both the world of business and philanthropy equally. And to him, they are just extensions of each other with his main objective with Talk Fusion to make people’s lives better.


This strong sense of self-discipline has been with him throughout his career. He entered adult life with an education at the University of South Florida. After graduating at the top of his police academy class, he spent the next several years in police work. While still a policeman, he took a side gig as a part-time associate in direct selling. He eventually quit police work altogether to devote work direct selling full time. Not very long afterward he founded Talk Fusion.


While most of Riena’s philanthropic work is for needy people, as a decided lover of animals he is a frequent supporter of non-profit organizations who help animals. Learn more: