Avaaz: The Voice for Change

Avaaz is an organization based from the United States focused on global activism concerning several societal issues that include: global warming, civil rights, and political corruption, just to name a few of their focal points. The organization’s name originates from multiple cultures from Europe to Asian which share a common English translation for voice. As part of their mission, Avaaz aims to bridge the gap between how they perceive the world should be and how the world currently is by empowering people to take action rather than wait for the world to fix itself by hoping for the best. With almost 45 million members from across the world connected to their network, Avaaz has gained international attention through the campaigns that the organization has enacted over the years.

Ricken Patel, the founder and executive director of Avaaz, has used his background in civic activism to set the foundation for the organization’s success. After obtaining his masters degree in public policy, Patel worked for the International Crisis Group where he learned diplomatic negotiations between hostile groups. He later worked with MoveOn.org where he gained insight on how to utilize online activism while developing the tools he would later implement in Avaaz’s website in order to unite people from all over the world for a collective cause. Avaaz has a diverse international network spanning across the Americas to Eastern Asia that includes over 30 countries. Through the utilization of e-mail communication, the civil organization shares it’s campaigns with members allowing for active participation with petitions while connecting local citizens to their corresponding government leaders. Rallies, protests and sit-ins are regularly organized through Avaaz to bring media attention to their campaign efforts. Internationally acclaimed news distributors such as CNN, The Guardian and The Economist have all featured Avaaz’s progress through their media coverage.

Coveted Prize Awarded to Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto

Mr. Omar Yunes has had a hugely successful career being a part of the famous Japanese food chain Sushi Itto. He got a job at one of the many units of the company and was promoted a handful of times over the years. Today, Mr. Omar Yunes is one of the franchisees of the food chain, and he is also the winner of the 2015 edition of the yearly competition for the Best Franchisee in the World.

The competition of BFW is the most coveted recognition in the industry. A grand jury evaluates franchisees who participate in the contest based on a number of aspects of their career. The grand prize is awarded to franchisees who have been conscientious with money, made many improvements and have been active in their feedback and suggestions. A very important aspect is the way the franchises have been treating their employees. Judges evaluate whether the franchise has been a good role model for the professional environment of the employees and if they have been inspiring and motivating for the teams they have been directing.

The award for the Best Franchise in the World is a very high honor and recognition. The ceremony at which Mr. Omar Yunes received the reward was held in Italy, in the historic city of Florence. It lasted the whole night, and a few hundred guests attended it. At the ceremony, there were representatives of companies from different industries from more than 30 countries. There were executives and employees as well.

Presently, Mr. Omar Yunes is on top of ten percent of Sushi Itto which amounts to a total of 13 eating spots. There are teams of employees which amount to four hundred people. Mr. Omar Yunes is responsible for all of those people. His tasks include giving directions and overlooking the efficiency and productivity levels of the teams. Mr. Omar Yunes also has to coordinate between the teams and units. All of the units that he owns are located in South America. Some are in the area of New Mexico; others are in Veracruz, among other places. Mr. Omar Yunes has made many contributions.

Creating Subsidized Health Products

The health of an individual is personal and key. This is because there is nothing that we can do without health. Cancer is a health hazard for all victims. It is expensive and painful to cure. It keeps on developing new cases. Cancer needs focus to create an appropriate treatment. The Cancer Treatment Centers are avenues for developing subsidized cancer treatment. This makes it easy for the citizens because they can approach treatment that is affordable. The victims have opportunities to access the affordable and quality treatment that ensures they save money. Most affordable health solutions are not quality. Cancer Treatment Centers offer improved health care that is cheap and quality.

The Centers are located in suitable places for all people to access them. They are located in various cities. This enables the centers to achieve their goals and mission. The Cancer Centers are dedicated to providing quality treatment options to people living with Cancer. This commitment enables them to develop the right treatment for the victims. The Cancer Treatment Center has the best equipment and medical aid. This makes it easy for the center to achieve its goals. The centers offer the best solutions that are provided in other health centers. This enables people to prioritize the centers because they provide services that are competitive. The Centers collaborate with various partners to improve their health care services. They collaborate with health care providers and health care research providers. This enhances the delivery of the center because they are able to meet to needs of the victims and help them solve their challenges. Social institutions can address the needs of people and affordably offer quality products. Most subsidized products have low quality. The Cancer Centers offers both quality and affordability. Relevant partners should be encouraged to help meet the needs of the victims.

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NantHealth, Allscripts and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are Improving the Healthcare Challenges with Digital Databases

In collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts, the Cancer Center of America is making life easier by creating a digital solution for doctors and patients. With the new electronic health record being creating, it allows for patients and doctors to all be connected throughout the treatment process. Hundreds of various oncologists throughout the nation were involved in helping to create this process.

The use of Clinical Pathways is allowing for all of the basic treatment options that are appropriate for each patients to be held in one location. It will help to keep the guesswork from the various oncologists out and to keep the needed data in for each record.

Clinical Pathways has gathered all of the latest research on cancer for various treatment options, therapies which are showing beneficial to cancer patients and so much more. This helps to keep the different oncologists informed on what is showing promising for other patients. This helps to keep custom treatment plans in motion for all patients. The comparisons are able to be looked at in each study which helps the oncologists gather as much information as they need to create a good plan for their patients.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America first started working on this project in 2016 with Allscripts and NantHealth. With the careful analysis of all of the integrated work involved, a more solid solution is geared towards oncologists to help increase the chances that a patient can enter remission or increase their odds of living longer when cancer is a factor.

For Cancer Treatment Centers of America, they understand that each person who is affected by cancer is treated like their own case. For each patient, their level of cancer and the way it is handled is different from others and the Centers of America understands this and therefore comes up with their own plan for attack for each patient.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are using the best equipment for today and their own tools and technology which is used to fight each bout of cancer for each patient. For the team of experts at the centers, they use as much information as they gather without the invasive techniques and surgeries to get as much information as they need to create a goal for each patient. That is why they are the best in the nation when it comes to fighting cancer.

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Omar Yunes Wins It All

Omar Yunes is a Mexican entrepreneur and businessman who recently won’t the title of Best Franchisee of The World for his partnership with Sushi Itto. The competition is a yearly event that takes place on an international level. People from all over the world come together to compete. There were over 34 people from different countries who attended 2015s event in Florence, Italy. Omar Yunes was the first Mexican man to win this prestigious award.

BFW, or Best Franchisee of The World, is an event that showcases the worlds best franchise owners. Judges look for numerous characteristics when judging the different competitors. They want to see a Franchisee who can take control of a franchise and change the direction of the company. Somone who can encourage and motivate employees to work and a unique way that offers something other than just a pay check. Judges also want a Franchisee who will save money and contribute a great deal of knowledge. Omar Yunes successfully demonstrated all of these characteristics and then some. CEO of the Sushi Itto brand spoke about the companies relationship with Omar Yunes, saying that he has done a fantastic job of improving customer service relations for the better. Omar Yunes was also singled out as having revolutionized the relationship traditionally seen between Franchise and Franchisee.

Another Mexican native who was mentioned during the Best Franchisee of The World event was Iván Tamer. Ivan Tamer is Franchisee of Prendamex and was successful in implementing a new series of tools to help market the network of Pawnshops he controls. Similar companies and Busniess have adopted these tools for their own markets and the copycat businesses have also been successful. Both Ivan Tamer and Omar Yunes are some of the first franchisees from Mexico to finally gain international recognition for their great accomplishments.


Storage Options With NuoDB

If you work with computers at any point, then you’ve probably heard about cloud computing or cloud storage. This isn’t a term that has anything to do with the sky or storm clouds. It’s a method of computing that is being utilized by numerous businesses, such as NuoDB.

Describe The Cloud
It’s simple to think about the cloud if you can imagine what it might look like. Picture a large network of files and computer systems that are used to keep everyone’s information safe and sorted. It’s also used to provide the power needed to process some programs for businesses and homes. When you access any kind of information on your computer, you’re essentially cloud computing. You’re taking information from what could otherwise be described as a large cloud and viewing it on your screen.

An example would be when you view movies on sites like Netflix or Hulu. You are using cloud computing when downloading apps. The games that you stream and play utilize cloud computing. Posts that you make and pictures that you post on social media are done so by using the cloud. If it weren’t for the information hidden inside cloud storage, then you likely wouldn’t be able to perform any of the tasks that you do on a daily basis using the internet.

Storing In A Cloud
When you store information in a cloud, it’s simply another way that you’re keeping all of your files and documents in one location. It’s sometimes a safer solution than keeping your files in a random folder on your computer. You can store everything from financial documents to pictures and videos. This kind of storage is a bit different than what you would expect on your computer. It’s not as concrete, meaning that all you need to do is sign into an account to retrieve the information that you have stored instead of directly being on your device to view folders.

What Are The Benefits?
One of the primary benefits is that you can take your files with you wherever you go as long as you know your account information. It allows you to keep information with you even if your device is hacked or someone steals your computer or phone. Cloud computing and storage works on all platforms. If you make a change on one device, that change will be noted on all devices that have access to the cloud. As long as you have access to the internet, then you’re able to access the documents and other types of files that you have stored in the cloud.

What Is NuoDB?
This is a database for cloud containers and cloud environments. It’s a database system that is designed to work across multiple platforms. The architecture of the database offers strong support and availability that is continuous.

A benefit of NuoDB is that it features scales in an elastic manner, improving the performance to allow for fast and secure access to files. Each resource with the database that is offered is maximized to its fullest potential so that you have the most storage possible.

Omar Yunes: Transforming the Mexican Franchising Scene

Omar Yunes, a franchisee of Sushi Itto, has won the prestigious Best Franchisee of the World award, in a competition held last December 5 in the historic city of Florence, Italy. He was awarded because of his contribution to the brand that he is representing. He began to franchise the Japanese food chain when he was only 21, and his franchise has grown into 13 different franchise unit scattered all throughout the cities of Mexico: in the capital Ciudad de Mexico, and in the cities of Puebla and Vera Cruz. It represents roughly 10% of the total units that the brand has. Omar Yunes stated how proud he is about the recognition that he received, but emphasized that his 400 employees has made it possible for them to innovate.

34 nations attended the said event, and each competitor is being evaluated as to how their franchise affects the network, including the influence, knowledge contribution, savings, employee motivation and business model. It was explained by organizer of the event that Omar Yunes won the highest award because of the fact that he is acting as an important factor that would enact a huge change in the franchising-franchisee relationship, as well as in the entire industry. Achieving a better understanding and management of the information also contributed to the success of the franchise, which had laid down clearer measurement of each unit and how they will perform. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, had thanked Omar Yunes for taking care of their brand, and commented that the awards are just manifestations on how they focus on customer service, alongside giving quality food and unique hospitality.

This award would also have a positive impact on the Mexican franchising industry, as their brands and products would now obtain access to the global market, and not just focusing on a regional or national basis. Analysts believe that people from overseas would soon contact Mexican businesses, especially food ventures, to open up stores in their respective countries. It would definitely bring more investment to Mexico, and would benefit not just their economy but also the local population and their unique culture.

Success Academy Is Helping Students To Succeed In Their Studies





As education in New York continues to face two-decade old problems, Success Academy is slowly transforming the industry by providing a model that can be used to rebuild the sector. The charter school network is using unique systems, curriculum, and teaching approaches to encourage students to succeed in their studies. Simply put, success is at Success Academy.

Eva Moskowitz has built a system that has already proven successful in just nine years. In the recently concluded Common Core-aligned exams, the school received a rating of 64 percent in English and an outstanding 94 percent in math. This performance surpassed the city’s average performance of 29 percent in English and 35 percent in math. The school’s performance means that Success’ students, who are predominantly from the poorest New York Communities, outperformed kids schooling in the wealthiest suburbs in the city. In addition, this outcome entails that the network’s performance exceeded that of any school in the city. If it were a single school, it would be ranked as the best school.

Eva Moskowitz opened the first Success Academy in 2006. In the last 11 years, the education expert has expanded the schools under the network’s umbrella to 32 schools. These networks serve over 9,000 students. They are made up of a new high school, seven middle schools, and 24 elementary schools. There are plans to expand the network with an additional 13 schools within the next two years. This expansion will see the total number of children at Success Academy hit 21,000. This represents two percent of the total students learning in New York’s public schools.

Eva Moskowitz believes that her school network’s success can be attributed to its focus on ‘what’ is being taught and ‘how’ it is taught. Eva has spent several years building the syllabus to ensure that the content taught in the schools is of high quality. She notes that the school enhances teamwork through making the students work in groups. Before undertaking a project, students are required to sketch the project and explain their drawing to the class.

Moreover, Success Academy focuses on imparting quality conversational skills to the students. The school has a special program through which it trains its teachers to ensure that they are adequately prepared to promote the student’s mastery of conversation. The program is known as Teacher Success Academy.

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Yanni Hufnagel – Just call him Coach H!

Yanni Hufnagel sounds more like an attorney for a high powered New York law firm. In fact, that was probably a straighter path for a nice Jewish boy from Scarsdale who could not make his high school basketball team. However, Hufnagel followed a different path by first doing color commentary for his high school team to finally landing an assistant coaching job with the University of Nevada, Reno Wolf Pack. It has not been an arrow straight course but Hufnagel may just become Coach H – like Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski.


Hufnagel started his coaching career while he was still a kid by reading coaching books. He used that knowledge in his color commentating role where others already noticed his grasp of the game. He got his first basketball job at Cornell as a manager and then in the same role with the New York Nets. He became a graduate assistant at Oklahoma after that and then moved on to be an assistant coach at Harvard.


Yanni Hufnagel has developed a reputation as an excellent college basketball recruiter. According to his peers, he is fearless about pursuing the best recruits. Coach H is a salesperson and had to be to recruit top recruits to Harvard which is definitely not known as a basketball powerhouse. Blue chip recruits like Zena Edosomwan would not have considered Harvard without the salesmanship and chutzpah of Hufnagel. Coach H is also credited with being an invaluable part of 2 future NBA stars’ rise. He worked with both Blake Griffin at Oklahoma and Jeremy Lin while working at Harvard.


After much success at Harvard, Coach Hufnagel moved on to work as an assistant coach at Vanderbilt where he helped to recruit the 29th ranked class. From there, Yanni took his boundless energy to the University of California Golden Bears where he stayed for 2 seasons. In April 2016, Hufnalel accepted an assistant coaching position with Nevada Reno.

Fixing the Asylum Issue: Soros Speaks Out

This article is a recap of the following from Marketwatch.

There is no policy on twitter.com that the EU has agreed on to help refugees and asylum seekers. If this is not fixed, it could grow into a larger crisis. Each country has been focused on themselves and actively taken steps that harm other members of the EU. Because of this, asylum seekers have suffered immensely.

The EU must come up with a complete plan that covers all of the issues relating to the crisis. Europe has the capacity to receive asylum seekers, but they must come together.

First, we must focus on Syria, because the current problems are coming from there. However, there are much more refugees that must also be helped. The United Nations can play a large role in this. By distributing the workload among other nation-states, Europe can begin to relive Syria of the disasters it is facing.

A comprehensive plan to achieve this comes in 6 steps:

Firstly, the EU should commit to receiving no less than one million refugees each year. They should plan to cover 15,000 euros worth of expenses over the first two years for each person.

Secondly, the EU should fund Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan better so that the refugees living there have a better chance.

Thirdly, the EU should create an agency on http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527 that specializes in helping asylum seekers. There can also be an office for border patrol. This will allow the procedures for refugees to be quicker. This allows asylum seekers to get jobs faster and start contributing to the economy of their host-state.

Fourthly, Greece and Italy are vital buffer zones. By allowing for safe travel to these countries on investopedia.com, it takes the pressure off of surrounding countries and allows the refugees to feel less of a sense of panic. This is incredibly important to establish. Eventually, safe passage can be extended all the way to the front lines of the battles. This will allow refugees a better chance of surviving and thriving in their new countries, especially with the aid they will receive. Turkey will be a priority frontline country in this issue.

Fifthly, the EU should construct financial instruments to pay for the asylum seekers. This will allow operations for smoothing over the transition.

Sixthly, NGO’s, charitable organizations, and other community entities must step forward and assist. They will need more funding in order to help in the magnitude required. There will be infrastructure, such as technology and staffing, that must be put in place before they can effect change.

This crisis arising out of Syria could have been prevented. It was very foreseeable by Europe at large. The plan put forth by Viktor Orbán is simply not in line with the values that Europe claims to uphold. It puts too high a priority on the security of borders and not the comfort of migrants. The EU needs to help eliminate this preventable human suffering.

George Soros is a citizen of the United States and Hungary. He is a business mogul. George Soros chairs Soros Fund Management.

George Soros is a supporter of liberal American movements. He is a noted philanthropist and speaker. He helped the transition to capitalism in Eastern Europe and also chairs Open Society Foundations.