Yanni Hufnagel – Just call him Coach H!

Yanni Hufnagel sounds more like an attorney for a high powered New York law firm. In fact, that was probably a straighter path for a nice Jewish boy from Scarsdale who could not make his high school basketball team. However, Hufnagel followed a different path by first doing color commentary for his high school team to finally landing an assistant coaching job with the University of Nevada, Reno Wolf Pack. It has not been an arrow straight course but Hufnagel may just become Coach H – like Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski.


Hufnagel started his coaching career while he was still a kid by reading coaching books. He used that knowledge in his color commentating role where others already noticed his grasp of the game. He got his first basketball job at Cornell as a manager and then in the same role with the New York Nets. He became a graduate assistant at Oklahoma after that and then moved on to be an assistant coach at Harvard.


Yanni Hufnagel has developed a reputation as an excellent college basketball recruiter. According to his peers, he is fearless about pursuing the best recruits. Coach H is a salesperson and had to be to recruit top recruits to Harvard which is definitely not known as a basketball powerhouse. Blue chip recruits like Zena Edosomwan would not have considered Harvard without the salesmanship and chutzpah of Hufnagel. Coach H is also credited with being an invaluable part of 2 future NBA stars’ rise. He worked with both Blake Griffin at Oklahoma and Jeremy Lin while working at Harvard.


After much success at Harvard, Coach Hufnagel moved on to work as an assistant coach at Vanderbilt where he helped to recruit the 29th ranked class. From there, Yanni took his boundless energy to the University of California Golden Bears where he stayed for 2 seasons. In April 2016, Hufnalel accepted an assistant coaching position with Nevada Reno.

Fixing the Asylum Issue: Soros Speaks Out

This article is a recap of the following from Marketwatch.

There is no policy on twitter.com that the EU has agreed on to help refugees and asylum seekers. If this is not fixed, it could grow into a larger crisis. Each country has been focused on themselves and actively taken steps that harm other members of the EU. Because of this, asylum seekers have suffered immensely.

The EU must come up with a complete plan that covers all of the issues relating to the crisis. Europe has the capacity to receive asylum seekers, but they must come together.

First, we must focus on Syria, because the current problems are coming from there. However, there are much more refugees that must also be helped. The United Nations can play a large role in this. By distributing the workload among other nation-states, Europe can begin to relive Syria of the disasters it is facing.

A comprehensive plan to achieve this comes in 6 steps:

Firstly, the EU should commit to receiving no less than one million refugees each year. They should plan to cover 15,000 euros worth of expenses over the first two years for each person.

Secondly, the EU should fund Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan better so that the refugees living there have a better chance.

Thirdly, the EU should create an agency on http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527 that specializes in helping asylum seekers. There can also be an office for border patrol. This will allow the procedures for refugees to be quicker. This allows asylum seekers to get jobs faster and start contributing to the economy of their host-state.

Fourthly, Greece and Italy are vital buffer zones. By allowing for safe travel to these countries on investopedia.com, it takes the pressure off of surrounding countries and allows the refugees to feel less of a sense of panic. This is incredibly important to establish. Eventually, safe passage can be extended all the way to the front lines of the battles. This will allow refugees a better chance of surviving and thriving in their new countries, especially with the aid they will receive. Turkey will be a priority frontline country in this issue.

Fifthly, the EU should construct financial instruments to pay for the asylum seekers. This will allow operations for smoothing over the transition.

Sixthly, NGO’s, charitable organizations, and other community entities must step forward and assist. They will need more funding in order to help in the magnitude required. There will be infrastructure, such as technology and staffing, that must be put in place before they can effect change.

This crisis arising out of Syria could have been prevented. It was very foreseeable by Europe at large. The plan put forth by Viktor Orbán is simply not in line with the values that Europe claims to uphold. It puts too high a priority on the security of borders and not the comfort of migrants. The EU needs to help eliminate this preventable human suffering.

George Soros is a citizen of the United States and Hungary. He is a business mogul. George Soros chairs Soros Fund Management.

George Soros is a supporter of liberal American movements. He is a noted philanthropist and speaker. He helped the transition to capitalism in Eastern Europe and also chairs Open Society Foundations.

QNet As A Leader In The Direct Selling Industry

QNet is a marketing, or direct selling company with offices all over the world. As a marketing company, they offer a unique opportunity for people that seek financial freedom through owning their own business that requires very little investment or overhead. By utilizing the expansion of e-commerce, they can begin distributing products worldwide by becoming QNet distributors known as Independent Representatives, or IR’s. These IR’s have a large base of quality products to offer a wide variety of potential customers and consumers in areas including health and wellness, jewelry, cosmetics, and a variety of other quality consumer items. It began in 1998 in Hong Kong and has since expanded into many eastern countries and former Soviet countries, growing its business by a whopping 21% in central Asia over just the past year!

QNet’s philosophy of “empowering others to succeed” and “RYTHM, to Raise Yourself to Help Mankind” has led to their recent and rapid growth. They offer potential distributors a financial opportunity they may not have known before in a unique market that has so much room for growth and possibility. And because being a distributor doesn’t require any special certification or educational degrees it is available for anyone! The distributor can essentially brand themselves and provide the exact type of customer service they’ve always wanted. QNet has also largely gained notoriety through their solid philanthropic work throughout the middle east and Africa by providing food and assistance to those in need that may be struggling financially from economic hardships due do natural disasters or other issues within the region. By providing quality life-enhancing products backed by positive ideas they have created success through an amazing business model that offers the possibility of financial freedom for distributors and an increased quality of life to their clients and consumers. QNet is certain to keep growing and expanding to even more countries and an ever wider market.

Love Amongst Chaos

For most mothers, it is a natural instinct to protect their young. Children are born into this world vulnerable and naïve. A mother is positioned in a child’s life so that they don’t have to live in a cruel world so defenseless. Even if the child were to wander down a dangerous path on their own free will, it would be instinct for a mother to reel her child or children in before they experience any harm. Keith Mann has similar instincts to protect what he loves. The Baltimore Riots have caused a lot of controversy over the last few weeks. The older generation of citizens have stuck to peaceful protesting while the younger generation has done anything but. Michael Singleton of Baltimore was no exception. When the 16-year-old Singleton left school Monday after Freddie Gray’s funeral, he had a choice: riot in the streets with his friends, or go home like his mom said. Singleton made that choice by deciding to pick up a rock and join the uproar. In no time flat, Singleton’s mom Toya Graham descended into the crowd of rioters and quickly gripped up her son to take him home. She began to chastise him in the middle of the commotion of the day’s events. Without realizing it, Toya became the internet’s “Mother of the Year”. Many mothers, especially African American mothers, understood why Toya did what she did. It wasn’t to embarrass her son or to even abuse him. Toya knew that her son was in a very dangerous situation. At a day in age when young African American males are regularly getting killed by the police, it’s easy to see why this mother went to the extremes that she did.

New Findings Link Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy with Anxiety

There’s quite a few things to consider when people use certain medications for years, or even an entire lifetime. One of the most pressing concerns involves whether to continue use of some medications during pregnancy. Regulatory agencies can usually be trusted to notice any obvious complications which might arise from taking any given medication during a pregnancy. Some effects simply aren’t easily observed during early human testing, or by using an animal model. The most recent example of this fact has come from a study of antidepressant use during pregnancy.

The study followed the pregnancy of numerous women and then looked at how their children’s behavior developed over time. The researchers felt they had enough data after three years to begin looking at how antidepressant use during pregnancy might have altered the children’s development. The researchers found a surprising shared effect between the women who’d been using antidepressants while they were pregnant. The children showed a much higher chance of experiencing pronounced anxiety than their peers. Sultan Alhokair believes that this is very concerning.

One of the most interesting aspects of the study comes from the fact that the effect was shared between multiple antidepressants. This suggests that the effect isn’t coming from a specific drug, but rather from shared features within specific classes of drugs. For example, it might be a side effect of modified serotonin levels.

However, at the moment the exact mechanism of action is unknown. It’s also important to remember that this is only a preliminary study. As with any study, it’s important to wait for researchers to fully examine an issue before making changes to one’s health care.

Google and Mattel Revive the Viewmaster

Generations of children slipped thick cardboard discs into plastic lenses to see three dimensions of favorite stories and pictures, around the world. Now Mattel and Google are reviving the “View-Master,” bringing them into the digital age.

Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG (Wikipedia.com) has learned that the toy maker and Internet giant announced a partnership that will launch a new version of these lenses to work with an application for smart phones, on the Android platform, the mobile operating system developed by Google.

This new version will include a smartphone slot to fit an Android phone within the plastic cover. A host of viewing options will be available when paired with the View-Master companion app.

It will be sold at about $ 30 and include a built-in gallery of classic images, like a trip into space on a rocket, and other 360 degree images in disc, which will be valued at $ 15.

“Combining technology and innovation with a classic toy gives children an improved learning experience with games that offer unimaginable opportunities through new digitally generated content ,” said Doug Wadleigh, an official atMattel.

Over the years, more than 1.5 billion View-Master reels, and over 100 million View-Masters were sold.

Punishment Might Not Help Kids to Speak the Truth

According a recent study, it was found that parents who do not want their children to lie, should then not be threatened with punishment. Dr Victoria Talwar and team Qnet, from McGill University conducted a simple experiment on 372 children to check if their natural tendency is to lie.They set up a room with a camera. When the child was brought into the room, he or she was told about the existence of a toy behind them on a table and that they were not allowed to peek in their absence. When the adult left the room for 1 minute, scientists discovered that nearly 68 per cent of the children took a peek and surprisingly 67 per cent of them chose to lie about it.Dr Talwar said, “The bottom line is that punishment does not promote truth-telling. In fact, the threat of punishment can have the reverse effect by reducing the likelihood that children will tell the truth when encouraged to do so.” Therefore, it would seem like quite a few of the traditional forms of punishment are not actually that effective.

Interestingly as the children got older, the study showed that they were more focused towards telling the truth. This was because older children seemed to have a better since of right and wrong and better standards of internalized behavior which prompted to do the right thing.

Dealing With an Ungreatful Kid At Christmas

My children are pretty well rounded, but my sister’s children are another story. It doesn’t matter what I buy them, or anyone else for that matter, they don’t like it. Part of the problem is because they have so much already that nothing surprises them. There is nothing that brings a glimmer to their eyes and nothing that she can do to tame their mouths. Their displeasure for the gifts they are bought is evident on their faces and in their speech.

How does a parent keep a kid from being disrespectful when someone else has spent so much time and effort picking out the perfect gift? Most people threaten their children with punishment if they open their mouth, but that doesn’t do a thing for their glaring eyes of disappointment. How can a parent tactfully deal with this and not cause a scene?

As I say on my About.me page, my kids are mannered because I trained them to be, they don’t come out of the womb like that. The first time my child embarrassed me in front of a relative was the last. The gift that he didn’t like was given right back to the relative. He was told that he didn’t deserve it and they should give it to a child who didn’t have as much. That’s exactly what happened. It wasn’t that he didn’t want the gift, it was that he had something else in mind and was disappointed.

Dealing with children these days takes an active approach. As parents, we have to say what we are willing to accept and what we are not. When we lay down the law we must stand good on what we say. By encouraging good behavior at a young age, it prevents embarrassing moments when they are older.

Infant Twins Beat the Odds of Heart Disease

Twins Jasmine and Selene are spreading awareness of the heart disease Tetralogy of Fallot at just seven months old. Both girls were born with the disease, survived immediate open heart surgery, and went home with grateful parents.

39 year old Roxanne Montalvo-Tsai and her husband Stephen wanted to give their son a sibling. Their first ultrasound revealed twins; their second revealed that their baby daughters had a serious illness.

Tetralogy of Fallot is a rare congenital disease that causes the narrowing of the pulmonary artery and creates a hole in the heart. It and other heart diseases are the number one cause of birth defects and death in newborns.

The couple contacted a specialist in high risk pregnancies, Dr. Emile Bacha. He reassured them that continuing the pregnancy was the right thing to do. With surgery, the girls had good odds of having normal, healthy lives.

They were born premature, on April 30th 2014. Both required open heart surgery in order to live. Jasmine’s case was more severe than her sisters. She was born without a pulmonary artery at all and needed to stay in the hospital longer. Jasmine required more surgeries in order to go home but both girls have another surgery in their future. As their bodies grow, they will need a surgery so their hearts can compensate.

Now that her children are home and relatively healthy, Roxanne is talking to interviewers, but not to Dan Newlin, about her family’s ordeal. She hopes that her twins’ struggle will provide hope to others dealing with a harsh diagnosis.