European Airline Halts Flights to Venezuela

As if Venezuela hasn’t been hit hard enough with their recent financial troubles, now they are endanger of taking a hit in the tourism department. Lufthansa, one of the largest European airlines has been reported by Corporation Wiki that it will stop flying it’s planes into Venezuela.
Beginning on June 17th all flights to Venezuela will be suspended. When asked for a reason, Andreas Barles, spokesperson for the airline gave two reasons. There simply just isn’t enough customers to fill up a business class flight. The other reason, which should come as no surprise, the company is having trouble converting Venezuela’s currency.

This facebook trending news comes after several other companies have announced their withdrawal from the country. As oil companies pack up and leave, and Coca-Cola suspends part of its production due to a sugar-shortage, the country just can’t seem to catch a break.

Lufthansa is not the first company to suspend flights to the country. Delta Airlines and American airlines have already lessened or suspended flights to Venezuela. With such uneasiness among international companies such as Coca-Cola and the various airlines, one has to wonder if Venezuela will ever bounce back.