Virtual Reality (VR) based technology is one of the up and coming trends in today’s market. It offers a real world experience which allows users to view three dimensional shapes with the assistance of a head set and smart phone device. A person using VR is able to look around at images in a 360-degree range of motion. One such company appears to be at the forefront of VR technology. Tsunami is a San Diego based company that specializes is 3D rendering with their Workspace and Studio Applications. Tsunami specializes in such niches as: aerospace/defense, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, construction and energy. Below, we will focus on Tsunami’s founder Alex Hern. Visit to know more.

Mr. Hern has spent most of his career as an entrepreneur starting technology companies. Hern is founder of and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tsunami VR, Inc. Prior to Tsunami VR, Alex Hern has worked for other prominent start-ups. Below is a summary of some of the more notable places he has worked at and/or provided start-up assistance:

1) Milcom Technologies: Hern served as CEO and Chairman of Military Commercial Technologies;

2) Silicon Valley Internet Capital: Hern served as Executive Vice President and Co-Chair of the Board of Directors;

3) Inktomi Corporation: Hern was a Co-Founder and Board Member which was later sold to Yahoo;

4) Hern was a Co-Founder and Board Member which was later sold to CMGI for $650 million;

5) Arcsight: Hern was a Co-Founder and Board Member which was later sold to Hewlett Packard for $1.5 billion; and

6) Radialpoint, Inc.: Hern served as Director.

A review of Alex’s LinkedIn page reveals other start-ups that he has also been involved with such as: Tags, Silicon Surf, Agiliance, and Alex Hern can be considered a true technology entrepreneur with a keen sense of finding companies that are driven towards success. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.