Transforming how we find information: Visual technology

Techcrunch posted an interesting article about visual search engines and image recognition software are two technologies are the forefront of business. These innovative search engines work by customers inputting images, and the search engines looks through the internet by either metadata or example.

If the search engine uses metadata, then it searches for keywords or tags related to the picture. If the search engine uses example, then it searches for similar images based on certain criteria.

An article that can be found via TechCrunch discusses the upcoming technological advances in this field. Mark Zuckerberg opens with his company’s plans for an artificial intelligence system to surpass human’s intelligence.

The upcoming LDV conference, which is where the latest innovations in visual tech are discussed, showcases the talents of many companies and their upcoming projects. Deep learning was one tech discussed. The two major visual search engines presented were ImageNet and Pascal VOC.

ImageNet is by far a larger search engine with over 14 million tagged images. Open source software libraries and frameworks were also among the tech presented. This framework can help to build tech ranging from medical screening to large animal detection in cars.

This software really is the building block for many techs in this new field. For the companies that do not have the budget to build the software, API services were also discussed in the article. These services offer the same visual tech and allow the software to be integrated into many systems.

Google Cloud Services offers a variety of services from image recognition to text recognition. The last trend discussed was how small companies are using specific algorithms to meet their needs. If a makeup company is looking for a specific trend, then they can right a specific algorithm designed to find visual information on that trend.

This way they don’t have to spend too many money on software or tech they don’t need. Slyce search engine is a leading company in the field of visual search technology. Slyce allows users to take pictures and find the matches on the internet. Did they like a purse on the a person and want to buy it? With Slyce, they can take a picture and find it easilt.