Whitney Wolfe Herd Offers People Help With Professional Networking

There has been a question recently posed that Whitney Wolfe Herd has addressed. This question is whether or not dating apps can be useful for professional marketing. Of course one of the common answers that people will initially give is no. However, further thought into the topic can cause people to think about ways that it can be useful. Whitney Wolfe Herd herself has looked into ways that she can help women network with one another. She has already built an empowering app with Bumble. She is currently working on something that can help women with their business goals. After all, Whitney Wolfe Herd was faced with the task of growing her business.

Bumble Bizz is the latest in the development of the Bumble family. One of the reasons that she is taking Bumble in the direction she is taking it is that she wants it to be the ultimate social network. People would be able to do more with this social network than just socialize. They can connect with one another and not only form relationships of various types. They can form friendships and romantic relationships. At the same time, they can also work with one another on any business plans they may have.

Professional networking is something that people need the most because they have to find some kind of way to move forward with their business goals. Even though Bumble has all of its advantages, there have been questions about the Bizz app given that it is a part of the dating app. One thing people have stated is that they are concerned about dating someone or being in a relationship with someone who’s profile is still up on Bumble. However, these concerns can be easily taken care of. For one thing, the profiles can be separated by tabs or other categories. One can take down his profile off of the dating tab of Bumble while keeping the profile up on other tabs of the Bumble app. For instance, the Bizz profile can still be up while the dating profile is taken down. Once people get used to Bumble, then they can enjoy it for all it has to offer.