Security Sanity Securus Technologies Has Brought To Prisons

Prisons were some of the most insecure places several decades ago but they have been identified as safer places today. Inmates could in the past use contraband and communicate with other criminals to organize their escape plans. However, new communication technologies have discouraged this making it impossible. Although inmates have the right to call their loved ones, some of them use this opportunity wrongly by making some selfish weird moves. This has led to the development of some innovative technologies that hinder illegal calls. With such systems, the correctional officers can only enable specific calls and disconnect or block other calls. If calls are not regulated, most of the calls inmates make would be hazardous.


To avoid this, Securus Technologies has come up with the Wireless Containment System to regulate calls and phone use in the prisons. Most family members and prison officers have lost their lives through contraband illegal use. Securus Technologies minds about the safety and lives of correctional prison officers and their relatives. With the Wireless Containment System, it has become impossible for the inmates to run illegal operations and use contraband to make calls. The system has ensured the inmates don’t kidnap officers, make breakout attempts, peddle drugs or plan killings for their rivals. With such advanced security systems, inmates’ efforts to carry out heinous activities are aborted.


Among the global firms that have brought sanity and transformation in correctional facilities, Securus Technologies tops the list. The firm carefully addresses parole tracking and communication in the prisons by inmates. Securus Technologies releases any sensitive information the government needs concerning the inmates. In the United States alone, Securus Technologies provides security services to over 2600 correctional centers. Rick Smith is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies. The team in this firm has pragmatic skills that ensure accurate and steady communication coordination within the prisons.


The services of Securus Technologies are today in more than 45 states. The law enforcement authorities benefit a lot from Securus Technologies since they obtain all the information they need on any drug trafficking attempts in the society. Securus Technologies has patent amenities whose worth is about $600 million. The firm is doing its best to ensure no contraband cell phones are traced in the community. Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and its main offices are based or headquartered in Dallas. Before the company launched a wireless solution in 2017, it had partnered in July 2016 with Harris Corporation on “Cell Defender” technology. It is a technology that ensured contraband cell phones didn’t connect to the existing mobile networks. By November 2017, Securus Technologies blocked over 1.7 million inmate calls. Due to its undisputed dedication to crime reduction, the firm has obtained 20 government services, exclusive partner agreements, technologies, software businesses, and patents.