Wolfpac Still Together

People who watch wrestling are some of the most loyal fans in the history of television. Wrestling fans are diverse, and people of all ages watch the show. Young children, older men, and even grandparents enjoy professional wrestling. Today, the WWE rules the world of professional wrestling, but it wasn’t always that way.

A long time ago, the WWE was in competition with another organization known as WCW. The two wrestling organizations weere in a fierce battle for supremacy. At one point, the WCW was actually ahead of the WWE in terms of television ratings.

WCW realized that the wrestling industry was changing, and former WWE Superstars soon made their way to join the WCW roster. Wrestlers such as Scott Hall, X-pac, and Kevin Nash left the WWE for more money. The three wrestling superstars made a huge impact in the WCW, and they formed legendary group known as the Wolfpac describes Adam Sender.

Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and X-pac were all real life friends, and after their days of professional wrestling were over, they stayed loyal to each other. Scott Hall was on a path of destruction, and his best friends helped pull him back onto the rails of sobriety. The legendary group still travels around the world, and they still sign autographs for fans that await them. For more information on this story, visit SI.