She got it!


I have one of those kids who does not seem to have significant motivation in my eyes for practically any activity, so I decided to look for role models who persevered to command some type of success or even authority. I understand that not everyone has the same goals, and in America, we judge people harshly that want to be team members instead of team leaders. However, there are almost infinite more team members than there are team leaders in the country, and being a leader or pioneering something is often a thankless task that is also a very lonely position to be in for multiple reasons.  Read more, have a peek on

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Some people simply choose not to live this way and enjoy their lives, and that is admirable because for many of these leaders, their motivation is often responsibility. It does not mean that people that are not leaders are not responsible, but being responsible for more than oneself and one’s family is a burden, and leaders sacrifice much of this admirable life in pursuit of their goals which makes them a leader. So for them, it is a role just like any other. So, I was set to accept what I saw as my daughter’s lack of motivation until we both read about the rise of Susan Mcgalla through a male dominated vocation to become one of the leaders of business in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania as a whole. Suddenly, my kid got it, sometimes it is about the greater good, and she understands this now.  Source:

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